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Big Ideas for Small Space Landscapes

A modern lifestyle often means larger living spaces on smaller plots of land. You can take advantage of this by implementing big ideas for your small Colorado landscape design. Choosing multiple focal points, the right color combinations and a precisely placed hardscape, your small garden space will pack a powerful punch.

Here are five tips for creating a stunning landscape in a small space.


Source: Better Homes and Gardens

Every inch counts. Your landscape should be precisely plotted beforehand because every inch matters. The difference between 6 to 12 inches here or there can mean a lost opportunity for a water feature or seating area. Using graph paper, sketch a variety of plans so you can see where pathways, hardscape features, planter beds, etc. make the most sense. Use this opportunity to meet with a professional landscape designer to correct potential mistakes before they become a reality.


Source: Better Homes and Gardens

Identify focal points. Determine a couple of focal points ahead of time. Perhaps there are existing plants, trees, or features you would like to highlight. Maybe you have a unique piece of garden art already selected. Place them strategically to add interest in multiple locations, rather than displaying them all front and center. This will make your space more interesting.


Source: Better Homes and Gardens

Use color to create dimension. When you place bright, bold colors in the foreground, the muted colors in the background seem to recede, lending the illusion of more space. You can use this trick to your advantage when selecting your shrubs, flowers and ground cover. Include plants that yield interest in the fall and winter months.


Source: Better Homes and Gardens

Create uncluttered flow. Even a small garden space should flow. Create walkways that lead from one area to another. Using the right proportions, paths and open spaces will create a sense of scope and spaciousness.


Source: Better Homes and Gardens

Make it cozy. Embrace the smallness of your space by making it cozy. A border of tall, lush shrubs with a well-placed cafe table and chairs can create a private, peaceful sanctuary.

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Best Flowers for Fall Gardens

If you’re beginning to mourn the flowers from your summer garden, why not turn your attention to flowers that can bloom throughout the fall months? While fall may not be the brightest season, there are a number of flowers that do quite well in our mountain climate. Combined with evergreens and landscape plants that boast changing foliage, your garden can have plenty of visual interest through the fall.

Here are some of the best flowers for fall gardens in Colorado.


Source: Barbara Pintozzi via Houzz

Asters. Not only are asters strong and reliable, they don’t get their bloom on until late summer and early fall when other favorites are already withering on the stalk. Asters come in pink, blue, lavender, white and violet. They like full sun and well draining soil — which we have a lot of in our neck of the mountains. Do make sure you like where you plant them because they have a tendency to spread out.


Source: Rocco Fiore & Sons, Inc via Houzz

Kale and Cabbage. You may remember that kale and cabbage do well in cool season vegetable gardens. You can also purchase decorative and edible varieties that will add vibrant greens, purples and whites to your fall landscape. Best of all, a nip of frost will actually enhance their color.


Source: Blue Ridge Landscaping via Houzz

Goldenrod. Ah, goldenrod — it adds a burst of sunshine right where you need it. They are must-have flowers for fall gardens in Colorado because they are so easy to grow, are happy in both full sun and partial shade and will be a happy greeter along walkways and garden paths.


Source: Barbara Pintozzi

Coneflowers. This is another cheerful flower. It looks like a daisy with slightly drooping petals. Coneflowers are in the genus Echinacea. They are hardy perennials and they attract both birds and bees. Coneflowers like full sun and are drought resistant. They also look lovely when cut and added to vases.


Source: Andrew Keys via Houzz

Plumbago. This is a three-for-one perennial. It provides green foliage during most of the year. Then in fall, Plumbago’s leaves change to red and it blooms with delicate blue blooms. Can a gardener ask for more from a single plant?

What’s your favorite fall flower? Contact Lifescape for help planning your colorful fall landscape.


How to Turn an Outdoor ‘Space’ into an Outdoor ‘Room’

Outdoor living is all about creating spaces where you can enjoy your beautiful landscape and the great outdoors in complete comfort. This means making sure your space not only has the necessary furniture and features but also the ambiance to create an inspiring and relaxing environment. Let’s explore some ways to turn an ordinary space into a beautiful outdoor room.


Take advantage of a corner. If you have a corner space, turn it into a cozy seating arrangement.

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Take cover. Whether you want to go all out with a full covered patio or you want to simply add a pergola or canopy, add some type of protection to escape the elements.

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Paint surrounding exterior walls. A warm, bright color on an exterior wall can add aesthetic value to outdoor living spaces while complementing greenery and plantings.

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Throw some fabrics into the mix. Soften up the space by laying down a rug, adding pillows, and hanging curtains.

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Let function drive the furniture selection. Make sure you have furniture for every occasion that you intend to use this space for. Don’t be afraid to use indoor furniture, especially if your outdoor living space is covered.

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Add a little pizzazz. Treat your outdoor living space just as you would an interior space by decorating it with interesting shapes, colors, and textures. Ectlectic hanging lanterns or sparkling string lights, for example, add a decorative element by day and ambiance by night.

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Need help achieving your dream outdoor living space for your Denver home? Call on the landscaping and outdoor living experts at Lifescape Associates in Denver at (303) 831-8310.

Planting Borders for your Landscape

Frame your landscape with a beautiful border of plantings that will enhance its beauty. When it comes to borders for your yard and your gardens, plants are a great softscape alternative.

You want your border plants to stay low to the ground because these low growing shrubs and flowering plants allow you to bring in color as well as keep your beautiful yard clearly visible. Planting a variety of both creeping shrubs and flowering plants as your border creates diversity. It’s a good idea to anchor the corners of your yard with evergreen shrubs and fill in the betweens with flowering annuals or perennials.

Also, your border’s design does not have to be “boxy”. You can create curves and other designs depending on the style of your yard and your preferences. However, before you plant, use a rope or hose to test out possible outlines for your border.

Contact a designer at Lifescape if you want professional help designing and planting a border for your Denver area landscape.


Source: www.ehow.com

2012 Colorado Landscaping Trends

Just in case you missed it, Colorado Homes & Lifestyles wrote a blog post this summer that summed up 2012’s top 10 landscaping trends. Whether you are a gardener or love to entertain in your outdoor living spaces, these trends are a great way to spruce up your home’s outdoor environment and improve your home lifestyle and your health! Take a look at 3 trends from the list:

3. Accessorizing with outdoor art. 


You put art inside of your home, why not outside? There are a variety of art pieces that would enhance the aesthetics of your landscape like sculptures, glass, stone, architectural elements and more.


5. Living al fresco

 Lifescape outdoor kitchen

Your own outdoor kitchen allows you to watch the game, grill a few burgers, and grab a few cool beverages from the fridge all without taking a step inside!


7. Investing in curb appeal.

Colorado home curb appeal

Since “landscaping yields an average 109-percent return on every dollar spent”, everything from pruning the bushes to adding fresh seasonal color with annuals or perennials enhance your home’s curb appeal and return real dollar value.

To view the entire list of trends, visit blog.coloradohomesmag.com. If you are ready to get your Denver area landscape up to date, contact a designer at Lifescape.