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Come grow with us! You’ll be part of an award-winning team that has been creating timeless outdoor living spaces throughout the Front Range of Colorado! Since 1976, Lifescape has been a premier residential landscape firm in Denver.

We design, build and maintain artistic, high-quality landscapes involving multiple skill-sets and many moving parts. Lifescape offers rewarding careers that balance work, professional growth, the outdoors and more in a challenging environment requiring people skills, an uncompromising eye for detail, quality, discipline and organization. We take pride in our team, our facilities and our equipment and believe in the right tool for the job!


Just like the right tools are needed for the job, the right tools are needed to keep our employees active and focused. At Lifescape we offer competitive benefits from medical insurance to retirements plans to profit sharing and beyond. Our benefit plans allow you to customize what you and your family need to take on life.


Goal oriented? Results driven? Look no further! Here at Lifescape, we are constantly looking at the big picture and set plenty of goals to get us there. We are always looking for new ways to innovate and disrupt the industry.

We also know it can’t be all work and no play. We are fortunate to live in a region with the best outdoor recreational options in the country. If you love to hike, bike, camp, climb or any other outdoor activity, the Denver area is the place for you. With 4 beautiful seasons and both rural and urban lifestyles available, we're proud of our culturally diverse, creative and yet down-to-earth environment.


Teamwork is essential to the success of Lifescape. From our Executive Committee down to our Crews, we are working as a team day in and day out. We see ourselves as one team, one family, all striving toward the same goals.


We know our Team rocks and we seek and earn national and regional awards and recognition. Lifescape takes great pride in recognizing accomplishments big or small. See our list of accolades here!


Lydia Falk

Maintenance Foreman
What drew you to Lifescapes?  "The work culture and community like feel. When I came to Lifescape for the first time I instantly felt welcomed and one of the family."

What is your favorite part about working here?  "I love the high touch work that we do on such cool properties. And my coworkers are great!"

What does it mean to you to be a part of the Lifescape family?  "I think Lifescape is a lot like a great recipe really. Put in some hard working employees, add some creative minds, all sprinkled with the strength and love of our good families and that ultimately creates a sweet place to work. -Bruce Almighty with a few alterations."

Tell us about your favorite memory working for Lifescape.  "My favorite memory is also one of my least favorite days of work. May 18, 2017 it snowed and we were having to cover all of the summer annuals that were planted the day before. All of the maintenance department (managers, some H2Bs, the foreman) were working together in the miserable weather to save the flowers. We all got covered in snow and soaked through but we rallied as one team and accomplished our goal. To end the great terrible day we went to lunch at Moe’s BBQ - cause what raises morale better than some good barbecue."