Planting Borders for your Landscape

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Frame your landscape with a beautiful border of plantings that will enhance its beauty. When it comes to borders for your yard and your gardens, plants are a great softscape alternative.

You want your border plants to stay low to the ground because these low growing shrubs and flowering plants allow you to bring in color as well as keep your beautiful yard clearly visible. Planting a variety of both creeping shrubs and flowering plants as your border creates diversity. It’s a good idea to anchor the corners of your yard with evergreen shrubs and fill in the betweens with flowering annuals or perennials.

Also, your border’s design does not have to be “boxy”. You can create curves and other designs depending on the style of your yard and your preferences. However, before you plant, use a rope or hose to test out possible outlines for your border.

Contact a designer at Lifescape if you want professional help designing and planting a border for your Denver area landscape.