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A new landscape can take anywhere from 2-5 years to mature in the Denver area. Speeding up the process is possible and Lifescape has discovered a few ideas to help with the process.

Decorations and furnishings you choose to incorporate will help define your theme and blend the landscape with the architecture. Material selection is crucial. Mixing different materials help give it an old look. Equal importance to material selection is choosing your plant material. Below are a few additional ideas to help your landscape look aged.

  • Propose reclaimed materials (for example, used reclaimed barn timbers for a fireplace hearth or your next arbor)
  • Keeping some of the formality but blending it with informal materials (using reclaimed brick – in situations that allow  — from a nearby source and irregular flagstone pieces can be used to create an informal look)
  • Make pools and water features look more like natural ponds  or creeks (adding in different sized boulders and cobbles imitate nature and leave planting pockets to soften the stone)
  • Wall fountains, aged wood furniture, and wrought iron are all elements that make a landscape feel aged and rustic
  • Creating structure using trees and shrubs, then softening with ground covers and flowers will give it a rustic, elegant flair

There are other techniques, but these are a few Lifescape is using to help age a landscape quickly.



Lifescape is using 3D imagery to help clients visualize projects. Contact a designer at Lifescape at 303-831-8310 and we will help bring your vision to reality.