How to Turn an Outdoor ‘Space’ into an Outdoor ‘Room’

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Outdoor living is all about creating spaces where you can enjoy your beautiful landscape and the great outdoors in complete comfort. This means making sure your space not only has the necessary furniture and features but also the ambiance to create an inspiring and relaxing environment. Let’s explore some ways to turn an ordinary space into a beautiful outdoor room.


Take advantage of a corner. If you have a corner space, turn it into a cozy seating arrangement.

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Take cover. Whether you want to go all out with a full covered patio or you want to simply add a pergola or canopy, add some type of protection to escape the elements.

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Paint surrounding exterior walls. A warm, bright color on an exterior wall can add aesthetic value to outdoor living spaces while complementing greenery and plantings.

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Throw some fabrics into the mix. Soften up the space by laying down a rug, adding pillows, and hanging curtains.

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Let function drive the furniture selection. Make sure you have furniture for every occasion that you intend to use this space for. Don’t be afraid to use indoor furniture, especially if your outdoor living space is covered.

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Add a little pizzazz. Treat your outdoor living space just as you would an interior space by decorating it with interesting shapes, colors, and textures. Ectlectic hanging lanterns or sparkling string lights, for example, add a decorative element by day and ambiance by night.

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