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Small Spaces, Big Plans

Small Spaces

The area around your home is important, regardless of the size. In fact, some of the best outdoor living areas can be created in small spaces. Just be sure to keep a few things in mind:


Plan to Your Particulars – The space you have is ideal for anything you have in mind, so long as you design to scale and make the best use of the area. This could include using creative illusions to trick the eye into seeing a bigger space.

Small Spaces



Pick the Right Plants – Our landscape experts can help you choose the perfect plants; to add texture, variety, color with plantings and to make sure they do not overwhelm the area.





 Small Spaces

Color is Key – Bright colors can grab the eye, bringing the space alive while allowing for the rest of the landscape to recede in the background and divide the space.

Create a Zone – Hedges can section off an area with surprises around each corner or circular seating around a fire pit can produce destination points within your backyard.



Small Spaces



Use the Height – Make use of the vertical space with dwarf varieties of shrubs and trees that grow up instead of out. You can also incorporate a vertical garden to fill a bare fence or a blank wall.




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Looking Back at 2016

Before making proclamations and promises for the New Year, let’s take a moment to look back on some of the highlights from an amazing 2016.

Lifescape Anniversary

A celebration 40 years in the making

Lifescape has been recognized as a high-touch landscape architecture, construction, and maintenance company and this past year marked 40 years of crafting a reputation for creative and sustainable designs, installation, and maintenance for residential and commercial projects.

A new location!

The company’s success created growth, so much so that the location in the Rhino district became too small to house all our departments. After an exhaustive search, and renovations to our new location , we opened our new offices slightly south off of Platte River Drive.

Dan DeGrush right and John Buchanan with Colorado Design Consortium won a CARE Award from HBA for Landscape Remodel.

Dan DeGrush right and John Buchanan with Colorado Design Consortium won a CARE Award from HBA for Landscape Remodel.

Individual Accolades

In March, Brant Zirker was named this year’s Associated Landscape Contractors of Colorado (ALCC) ELITE awards company MVP for constantly going above and beyond the call of duty for each and every client. Six months later at the Colorado Awards for Remodeling Excellence (CARE) Awards, landscape architect Dan DeGrush was awarded a gold medal for his work with the Colorado Design Consortium.

Lifescape Wins NALP Grand National Award LANDSCAPES

Company-wide Awards

In June, Colorado Homes and Lifestyles Magazine gave Home of the Year Honors to our work on nearly 8,000 square feet of outdoor deck and patio space at a Pikes Peak property. Four months later at LANDSCAPES, the signature event for National Association of Landscape Professionals, Lifescape won a Grand National Award for our work on the Polo Club Villa project.

We would love to share the secrets to our success with you. For more information about creating something special for 2017, contact us today at 303.831.8310 or stop by our new location.

Amazing Trees for Colorado

There’s something special about the natural beauty you wake up to everyday here in Colorado. Therefore, there must be something special about the trees that truly thrive here. Here are some examples of trees that will make your landscape even more amazing.

Source: Fourth Grade Foresters USA

Source: Fourth Grade Foresters USA

Austrian Pine – Planted as part of the nation’s great Dust Bowl Shelterbelt project, it has thrived in some of the worst climate and soil conditions. These large evergreens grow in an oval shape, are great for screening and can provide nesting sites and shelter for owls.

King Winter Hawthorn

Source: Wandsnider Landscape Architects


Winter King Hawthorn – This small- to medium-sized ornamental is truly a four-season tree. It produces showy fruits in the fall and winter, flowers in the spring and a clean summer foliage. Growing best in full to partial sun and well-drained soil, it can adapt to poor soil, heat and drought; making it ideal for our semiarid climate.

Source: The Hilltop

Source: The Hilltop

Gambel Oak – One of the state’s major tree species also known as the Rocky Mountain white oak, it thrives in open areas of low precipitation where subfreezing temperatures do not last year long. Rising up to as much as 15 feet in elevations over 4,000 feet, it’s an important food source for deer, livestock and squirrels, who store the acorns for winter.

Source: Landscape Alaska

Source: Landscape Alaska

Japanese Tree Lilac – With a beauty that also produces a lovely fragrance, this small flowering ornamental tree shines as a single or multi-stem with clusters of white flowers on a naturally attractive shape with a reddish bark. Thriving in any well-drained soil, it seldom suffers from insect or disease concerns.

Source: TreeRemoval

Source: TreeRemoval

Kentucky Coffeetree – It has extreme drought tolerance and grows in just about any soil with a spreading canopy that can shield gardens from direct sunlight. It’s not very attractive before reaching full height, but then serves as a great shade tree adding visual interest to your yard.


Gorgeous Grasses To Design With

Feather Reed Grass - 7-14-16

Grass serves as the foundation of most backyards and gardens, but it can also be used to incorporate amazing designs while also keeping water consumption down. Check out these ornamental grasses that are ideal for Colorado landscapes.


Ornamental grasses like Blue Avena or Little Bluestem require very low water with attractive silvery blue foliage. Elijah Blue fescue clumps gracefully and produces blue-green leaves. Switchgrass can grow up to four feet tall in a vase-shape that turns bronze in the fall.

Source: Gardening Know HowSource: Gardening Know How

Sod-forming grasses like Buffalo is great low maintenance turf that long for the warm seasons, staying dormant in the spring and growing during the summer.

Miscanthus grass -7-14-16

If yours is a moderately moist garden in Colorado’s semiarid climate, Feather reed grass is popular due to its straight greenish flower spikes in the summer that turn tan and last throughout the winter.  Miscanthus grasses also have beautiful plumes and add winter texture to any landscape.

Blue Fescue Grass -7-14-16

If you’re searching for an annual grass, Ruby grass or ‘Pink Crystals’ is good for fresh or dried arrangements with ruby pink blooms in the summer that turn white with the winter snow. ‘Purple Majesty’ millet stands out with bottlebrush flower stalks with purple leaves. Get creative, layer and combine several of your favorite grasses and you will create a modern masterpiece in your garden!

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Create Visual Appeal & Control Water Runoff with Dry Riverbeds

Taking a second look at something that appears ordinary at first glance can lead to exciting new discoveries. Now that it’s getting warmer, properly managing the water from summer showers is more important than ever. While many landscape architects do plan and build drainage ditches as dry creek beds, they often fall quite short as functional and beautiful elements.


Source: Houzz

In many areas, too much water can have dangerous and unsightly consequences. As water runoff continues to disrupt our storm systems, it can ultimately lead to ocean pollution, land slides, and slope destabilization. So, instead of relinquishing control of what happens to your water, consider making a positive impact on the Colorado landscape with a visually appealing dry riverbed.

Use a dry riverbed as a fresh new focal point or within the existing landscape to strengthen its overall appearance. To make the riverbed design look great, make sure its shape and materials complement the style of both your house and property. For example, a contemporary home and landscape is best suited by straight and geometric lines, whereas a rustic or traditional look might go well with informal and natural curves.

Knowing how water moves around your property is an important early step in constructing a stellar dry riverbed — you’ll want to make sure yours can properly funnel excess water. For a stone choice, we recommend keeping it local and choosing something indigenous to where you live. Once you’ve found the perfect shape and materials, the end result will be a realistic, artistic, and useful design element.


Source: Houzz

If your goal is to conserve water, you’ll be celebrating in no time. A dry riverbed replaces turf, which in turn dramatically reduces the need for watering. The addition of a dry riverbed also brings a plethora of stimulating new elements to interest children and sustain their play for hours. These irresistible elements include insects and other wildlife, sand, mud, rocks, sticks, leaves, and plants.

If you’re looking to take your landscape from drab to dynamic, contact Lifescape today. Our professionals are experts at landscape design and architecture, fine gardening, water management, and more.