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Essential Features for Winter Outdoor Spaces

Backyard barbeques and pool parties aren’t as popular in near freezing temperatures, but there’s no need to stay cooped up inside. Implementing essential Colorado hardscaping features will allow you to enjoy your backyard well into the winter too.

Here are Lifescape’s recommendations for must-have hardscape and landscape features for your backyard this winter, including pictures from our own project portfolio.

02-Cherry Hills Residence-A

Design by Lifescape Colorado

Let there be fire. Humans are always drawn to fire, whether they live in a warm tropical environment or a cooler mountain climate like ours. Adding a backyard fire pit or fireplace is one of the most important steps in making your outdoor space habitable through the colder seasons. You can also add portable space heaters around the edges, so you and your guests can stay warm on all sides.


Source: Frederick + Frederick Architects via Houzz

Another way to make the most of an outdoor fireplace is to completely enclose your porch. You’ll be protected from humidity and mosquitoes in the summer and insulated from the elements in the winter.


Design by Lifescape Colorado

A steamy hot tub. Hot tubs are a year-round investment. They’re soothing on a cool summer evening, but are most delightful on a crisp winter night. Hot tubs also provide a comfortable spot to star gaze at night.


Source: Bonny Weil General Contractor via Houzz

Prepare your deck. Make sure your deck is in shape before the worst of the winter weather hits. If the wood looks worn, or your paint is chipped and fading, have it repaired, treated and sealed in the fall, so it isn’t compromised by winter’s moisture.


Design by Lifescape Colorado

Add some color. You can use existing planter beds or container gardens to add festive appeal. Once you’ve cleared out last season’s remainders, insert evergreen boughs, redtwig dogwood branches, holly and other winter-themed plants and accents.

Contact Lifescape. We look forward to helping you plan a Colorado hardscape design that will keep you warm this winter.

Refresh Your Front Yard Landscape

The changing season requires a fresh look at your front yard landscape. Are your plants past their prime? Could your front walk benefit from fall interest? If your deciduous trees have dropped their leaves, it’s the ideal time to contact a professional landscaping crew to prune them. Note the areas that need work, and then use these front yard landscaping ideas to get a refreshed look.


Source: Anna Looper via Houzz

Increase your bed size. Were your flowering eyes bigger than your garden beds could accommodate this summer? One rule of thumb is to have planter beds that span at least half the width of your house. If your beds are on the small size, use this season to expand them and amend the soil, so it is ready to plant in the spring.


Source: Timothy Sheehan, ASLA via Houzz

Does your landscape flow? Now that some of your blooming plants are beginning to shed their summer glory, it might be time to add new bursts of color that will continue the flow of your landscape design. First, consider adding perennials that do well in Colorado and will continue to do well year after year. Then, look for annual flowers, like alpine ivy geraniums or impatiens, that do well in our cooler climate. You can also use containers to plant a burst of seasonal color next to your front door entryway.


Source: Paradise Restored Landscaping & Exterior Design via Houzz

Add some gathering areas. If your home doesn’t have a porch, consider adding some seated gathering areas. This can be as simple as laying down some pavers and adding a table and chairs, or as complex as designing a new patio. Either way, it will provide extra square footage when the weather’s nice.


Source: Crisp Architects via Houzz

Enclose your porch. This is a desirable option for those of us who aren’t as fond of winter’s chill. An enclosed porch adds a significant number of days to your outdoor living season and comes in handy in the summertime too.

Do you need help determining which front yard landscaping idea would work best for your home? Contact the design experts at Lifescape.

One of a Kind Outdoor Room Designs

A custom-designed outdoor room that reflects your favorite places and passions can taking outdoor living to the next level. Here are some inspiring examples of areas creatively manifested into gorgeous garden spaces, special purpose rooms and exotic escapes.

Foodie: An edible container or raised bed garden, an alfresco dining area and (if you want to go all out) an outdoor kitchen can create an outdoor room that supports a fantastic foodie lifestyle.

outdoor living design denver

Photo via Houzz

Sports Fan: An outdoor room can be designed for primed sports watching to support your favorite Colorado sports teams.

outdoor living colorado

Photo via Houzz

Movie Buff: Drive-ins may be a thing of the past, but you can create your own personal outdoor movie-watching space with strategic landscaping or hardscaping combined with the right furniture, projector equipment and ambiance lighting.

movie outdoor room

Photo by Jennifer Cheung via Sunset magazine

outdoor room ideas

Photo via Garden Design

Zen seeker: Rock gardens, soothing water features, and spaces for meditating and taking tea can create an outdoor room that serves as a personal zen paradise.

outdoor living design denver

Photo via Houzz

Malibu Maven: Sunset magazine writer Kathleen Brenzel says, “If your dream vacation is to Malibu, fake a seaside resort.” A boardwalk-inspired deck design and plenty of drought-tolerant plants can bring the beach all the way to your Colorado backyard.

denver outdoor living design

Photo by Jennifer Cheung via Sunset

Adobe Dweller: Here’s a truly unique outdoor room idea. Design a conversation pit in the style of a pueblo to provide an escape from the heat that complements drought-tolerant foliage.


Photo via HGTV


Photo via HGTV

California Dreamer: Large wine barrel containers overflowing with lavender were used to achieve this Sonoma-inspired space.

outdoor room design ideas

Photo via HGTV

Do any of these unique outdoor rooms pique your interest or inspire your own idea for a custom outdoor living space? Share your thoughts in a comment below.

Transform a Small Space into a Landscaped Gem

Many people don’t realize that size doesn’t really matter when it comes to landscaping. However, the smallest areas will usually show the biggest impact once they have been professionally landscaped. Your small areas could include a garden, back or front porch, and perhaps a small courtyard space. These intimate spaces can really be transformed to be a special little paradise.

Those who live in urban communities know that even though their outdoor areas are small in stature, they still are a very important part of their home life experience. Intimate landscaped areas create spaces to relax, read a good book, admire your garden, and listen to the calming sound of water. From spaces above like balconies and rooftop terraces to ground level patios and porches, your smaller landscaped spaces can be your new favorite hideaway to enjoy the great outdoors or the awesome views of the concrete jungle. Remember, a little green space can make a huge difference.

Lifescape can design your landscape or outdoor space no matter how small. Just give our Landscape Architects a call at 303-831-8310.

Creating a Relaxing Backyard Oasis

If you are looking for ways to turn your backyard into a relaxing outdoor living space, here are 3 suggestions that may inspire you to give Lifescape Associates in Denver a call.

1. Create a theme. You want all elements of your landscape design to work together to create a distinct theme or sense of place. That includes your plants, structures, and hardscaping.

2. Don’t forget about privacy. You may be a sociable person and you absolutely can use your outdoor oasis to entertain guests, but do remember to incorporate special design to ensure privacy.  There are bound to be days where you want a quiet moment to yourself. Examples: tall plants, fences, pergolas and etc.

3. Use outdoor structures to define spaces. You can have a large gazebo for entertaining or you might like a small solid-roof arbor for a reading spot. Whatever activities you enjoy outside, you can have a specific structure designed to define that area.