Creating a Relaxing Backyard Oasis

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If you are looking for ways to turn your backyard into a relaxing outdoor living space, here are 3 suggestions that may inspire you to give Lifescape Associates in Denver a call.

1. Create a theme. You want all elements of your landscape design to work together to create a distinct theme or sense of place. That includes your plants, structures, and hardscaping.

2. Don’t forget about privacy. You may be a sociable person and you absolutely can use your outdoor oasis to entertain guests, but do remember to incorporate special design to ensure privacy.  There are bound to be days where you want a quiet moment to yourself. Examples: tall plants, fences, pergolas and etc.

3. Use outdoor structures to define spaces. You can have a large gazebo for entertaining or you might like a small solid-roof arbor for a reading spot. Whatever activities you enjoy outside, you can have a specific structure designed to define that area.