Watch out for Sprinkler System Issues

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Most homeowners out here in the great state of Colorado run their sprinkler system overnight. However, when they do this, they never get to see if the system is working correctly or not. With temperatures in the 90-degree range like they have been for the past few days, all sprinkler issues will start to show up very quickly in lawn conditions across the state.

Here is an example of sprinkler issues: if your sprinkler has been watering the street more than your lawn, don’t be surprised when you begin to see brown spots in the grass where the water has been missing the mark. Perhaps one of your sprinklers has gone missing or maybe one has clogged.  All of these sprinkler problems can be avoided or have simple fixes if you deal with them in a timely manner. If not, your lawn will suffer. So take a few moments this weekend to watch your sprinklers run. Look for areas that the water may be missing then simply adjust the sprinklers to hit right on target.

If you see signs of deeper trouble, contact Lifescape Associates in Denver. We’ll be happy to diagnose any issues and treat your landscape back to health.

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