Landscaping Pests: Dealing with Aphids

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When it comes to Colorado landscaping pests, they can come in many forms. They are little critters and in some cases, pest that grow from the ground. Take aphids and weeds for example. These two pests are a big concern this time of year. Especially aphids because they are everywhere. Due to the rainy and cool weather this year, aphids are popping up all over the landscape – they can be seen on rose bushes, aspen, Norway maple and other plants. Usually the weather conditions around the middle of June cause aphids to decline, however that is not the case this year.

If you are worried that your plants are at risk, rest assured that aphids are more of a nuisance than a serious threat to your landscaping plants. Your trees and shrubs will endure but on roses, if there is heavy infestation, it can make the leaves look mottled since the aphids suck the sap out of them. To get rid of an aphid infestation before Mother Nature has her way, simply apply a soapy solution on the underside of the roses. You can use a 1 quart spray bottle with 1 tablespoon of Ivory liquid. Spray then return in 2 hours, if the aphids are still at it, repeat the process.

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