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A custom-designed outdoor room that reflects your favorite places and passions can taking outdoor living to the next level. Here are some inspiring examples of areas creatively manifested into gorgeous garden spaces, special purpose rooms and exotic escapes.

Foodie: An edible container or raised bed garden, an alfresco dining area and (if you want to go all out) an outdoor kitchen can create an outdoor room that supports a fantastic foodie lifestyle.

outdoor living design denver
Photo via Houzz

Sports Fan: An outdoor room can be designed for primed sports watching to support your favorite Colorado sports teams.

outdoor living colorado
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Movie Buff: Drive-ins may be a thing of the past, but you can create your own personal outdoor movie-watching space with strategic landscaping or hardscaping combined with the right furniture, projector equipment and ambiance lighting.

movie outdoor room
Photo by Jennifer Cheung via Sunset magazine
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Zen seeker: Rock gardens, soothing water features, and spaces for meditating and taking tea can create an outdoor room that serves as a personal zen paradise.

outdoor living design denver
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Malibu Maven: Sunset magazine writer Kathleen Brenzel says, “If your dream vacation is to Malibu, fake a seaside resort.” A boardwalk-inspired deck design and plenty of drought-tolerant plants can bring the beach all the way to your Colorado backyard.

denver outdoor living design
Photo by Jennifer Cheung via Sunset

Adobe Dweller: Here’s a truly unique outdoor room idea. Design a conversation pit in the style of a pueblo to provide an escape from the heat that complements drought-tolerant foliage.

Photo via HGTV
Photo via HGTV

California Dreamer: Large wine barrel containers overflowing with lavender were used to achieve this Sonoma-inspired space.

outdoor room design ideas
Photo via HGTV

Do any of these unique outdoor rooms pique your interest or inspire your own idea for a custom outdoor living space? Share your thoughts in a comment below.