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Landscape Winter Watering Tips

snow on a rose

Winter Rose by Dave Shea

Landscape Winter Watering Tips

Similar to sipping hot chocolate while watching Colorado’s winter weather through a window, the plants and shrubs within your landscape need moisture to survive the cold months.

The semi-arid climate typically produces mild and dry winters with humidity levels ranging from 9% to 13%. It takes 12 inches of snow to equate just an inch of water, so you can’t count on natural precipitation to keep your plants alive.

In fact, it’s extremely necessary to properly water your landscape to ensure plants grow healthy. Use these tips for colorful blooms pop up come springtime.

Water in the Winter

  • Newly planted vegetation needs supplemental water to stay alive. While they may seem healthy with no water or moisture, these same plants will typically wilt or die come the next spring.
  • Most trees should get ten gallons per inch of trunk diameter, but be sure to take account the amount of precipitation. For young trees and evergreens, water them twice a month.
  • The most important plants to keep watered are plants that keep their leaves all year (broadleaf evergreens) because they perspire water through those leaves.
  • When the temperature is above 45 degrees, plants will translocate water from their roots to the atmosphere.
  • Use a watering can or your standard garden hose, but be sure to winterize it immediately after use by disconnecting the hose.

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Winter Landscaping Preventative Maintenance

An upper-level pressure ridge is keeping record high temperatures across all of Colorado. The heat has delayed typical fall landscape duties, but winter is coming. You might be wearing short sleeves and shorts, but now is the time to prepare your landscape with preventative maintenance.

  • Plant Your Bulbs – If you are in search of a colorful yard next spring, now is the time to plant some beautiful fall bulbs. Some of the most popular fall bulbs are Tulips, Daffodils, Crocus, and Allium. All of these perform well if you plant them now for a spring bloom.

mixed crocus

  • One Last Mow – Your yard’s growth has slowed dramatically. You will see little to no growth over the next several months, so make sure you aerate and mow the grass one last time. Keep the leaves on the ground to provide the lawn with compost, which will act as a natural soil conditioner. Aeration allows water, oxygen, and nutrients to reach the roots of your lawn and help ward off plant diseases. All this will keep the grass looking neat and trim while ensuring your lawn is ready for vibrant growth next spring.

Last Chance to Mow for Winter

  • Last Chance for Fertilizer – Use a high-potassium fertilizer since this will help push energy to the roots for better overwintering. If you drive growth with Nitrogen now, the grass is setup for more winter kill. If you have a properly aerated lawn, there is still enough warmth and moisture to strengthen up your yard’s root system.


Source ColoradoanSource: Coloradoan
  • Winterize Your Irrigation System – Make sure your pipes and sprinkler system is winterized and ready for the cold. For your home, this means more than just cutting off the water to the outside. If gravity doesn’t clear them, consider using an air compressor to blow the water out of the pipes. Also, be sure to back drain your interior pipes to eliminate the risk of bursting.

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Spring Showers

The cliché that April showers bring May flowers is a cliché because it is true. “Spring showers landscaping” takes on more importance as nature offers that benefit naturally.

It is up to you to take advantage of it and use it to make your landscape beautiful and accentuate your home’s appearance.

April showers

Maintenance is key to keeping the yard looking great not just in the spring but all year-round.  Here are a few basic ideas for your yard.

  • Keep plants watered and fertilized properly.
  • Keep weeds down
  • Prune back dead parts of plants
  • Cut off blooms after they have bloomed

Now is the perfect time to take inventory of your landscape. Consider adding annuals, make changes to your lighting or add interest to your patio with a creative paver design.

The spring is a time for new things, so consider what you might do to improve your landscape’s appearance and health with some creative “spring showers landscaping” projects.

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Decorative Design Features for the Summer Xeriscaped Landscape

Summer is fast approaching, and with it comes sun-filled days and cooler evenings that entice you to spend as much time enjoying the outdoors as possible. Whether you opted for a xeriscaped landscape to help conserve water or because they do not require as much maintenance as traditional types, you have more time to enjoy your outdoor space than you would with a traditional style. Your summer can be filled with cookouts with the kids, hosting parties for friends, and quiet evenings just relaxing with some of these outdoor design features for landscapes.

Decorative Design Features for the Summer Xeriscaped Landscape

Source: Lifescape Colorado

Pergolas are an excellent way to define a room-like space in your xeriscaped landscape. Due to their versatility, pergolas can create a whimsical shaded area from the hot sun to enjoy with your kids and with a few changes to your accessories, lend themselves perfectly well to an al fresco dining area when hosting friends.

Another design feature that can define outdoor spaces or highlight specific areas is the use of an arbor or trellis. An arbor can be designed to create a unique canopy for dining or seating areas, or it can be used for walkway entrances for decor. The use of a trellis can run from adding splashes of color throughout your xeriscape to creating privacy screens where needed.

If cookouts and grilling are a big part of your summer activities, a built-in grill should definitely be on your wish list. You can have one designed to blend right into your landscape or choose a style that creates a focal point for entertaining. If a BBQ is not something that appeals, you can create warmth and comfort with an outdoor fireplace instead. While we have to be mindful of drought conditions and fire bans throughout the summer, there are many options that make cozying up to a fireplace possible.

Source: Lifescape Colorado

Source: Lifescape Colorado

Lifescape can help you with even more great design ideas so you get the most out of your Denver xeriscaped landscape this summer. Visit our website for more inspiration, and contact us to start working on your project right away.

Keep Your Pool & Design with Color, Lines, & Texture

Summer seems to keep getting hotter, and having a pool is a wonderful way to cool down quickly. In some cases, however, a pool doesn’t seem to fit in with the landscaping you had done to beautify your backyard. It does not have to stand alone as a feature of your design; landscaping with pools can open up a whole new world of possibilities.

Keep Your Pool & Design with Color, Lines, & Texture

Source: Lifescape Colorado

To create a natural-looking haven surrounding your pool, you want to consider adding texture and variation with plants and trees. Using tall trees at the end and graduating to shrubs and plants surrounding your pool can create a feeling of privacy and relaxation. With this simplistic design-style, you can have a more formal look by using muted colors and repetition of shrubs, trees, and plants or more casual by adding pops of color with brightly colored plants interspersed throughout.

If you prefer the pool to completely blend into your surroundings, especially in a xeriscaped yard, consider a mix of hardscaping and naturally-occurring plants such as those used in your original design. Mix and match shrubs and plants to create the most natural appearance, and consider clumps of ornamental grasses and natural colors of stone to complete the look.

For a formal, meditative feel, you can use sculpture in your pool landscaping design. Create a backdrop to showcase the sculptures using straight rows of hedges or straight lines with classic paving tiles. To keep the look tranquil and formal, stick to muted shades for hardscaping and like colors for any plantings.

Source: Lifescape Colorado

Source: Lifescape Colorado

Privacy fencing is often desirable when planning your pool’s surroundings. Rather than opting for fencing or walls, why not consider growing your own? Privacy can be created by standalone trees and shrubs, a mix of hardscaping materials and plants or even with a trellis combined with climbing plants. All you have to do is decide which style appeals to you most.

Lifescape can help you with unique ideas for landscaping with pools. Visit our online gallery for more inspiration and contact us to create your ideal pool setting.