Build & Transform Your Garden Into a Wildlife Friendly Space

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Being able to create a habitat where birds and other creatures can safely live is an incredibly fulfilling part of being a property owner. Even our smallest of neighbors can add charm to our landscapes, ward off pests, and help nurture our gardens. At Lifescape, we love the idea of intentionally landscaping for wildlife; it’s never too late to entice birds, butterflies, and more to come visit and perhaps stay awhile.

Tips for Transforming Your Garden into a Wildlife Friendly Place

If you’re ready to take the leap into wildlife landscaping, the following tips will help you bring and keep nature close.

Source: Pixabay
Source: Pixabay

Scale down your lawn. Lawns are an unnecessary, oftentimes harmful addition to residential areas. Not only do they eat up an alarming amount of egregious synthetic pesticides annually, but they also provide none of the shelter and food sources wildlife require to survive. In lieu of a manicured lawn, a wildlife-friendly garden or habitat reverts back to healthier pre-development land conditions and will attract the birds, butterflies, and wildlife you seek.

Add concentrated areas of vegetation. Research native plants, so you can intentionally plant islands with groundcovers, wildflowers, and other vegetation. Integrating groups of islands is a good way to provide animals with sufficient cover.

Provide water. Water is arguably the most essential component of a wildlife habitat garden. The water sources you provide will greatly benefit any wildlife you attract. Ponds are a wonderful water source and can transform into breeding grounds for reptilian and amphibian species.

Provide supplemental housing and food. Nesting boxes and houses give birds and their young additional security from predators. Birds also benefit from well-placed feeders, especially in winter when food is scarce.

Control your pets. Cats and dogs can be detrimental to your wildlife garden. Cats are known to hunt and kill birds and small mammals just for sport, and keeping them indoors will help keep both them and our feathered and furry friends safe.

Are you looking to trade in your perfectly manicured lawn for a thriving wildlife habitat? Lifescape is here to help plan and implement your vision.