Practical Water Saving Ideas with a Water Wise Fountain

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Even with water restrictions and water conservation efforts, it is still possible to enjoy a beautiful water fountain in your yard. Here are some practical water saving ideas for a water wise fountain:

  • Install your water fountain, especially those with long, shallow pools, in a shady area to minimize evaporation, as warm water evaporates quicker than cool water.
  • Decrease wind evaporation with strategically placed plants and fences or barriers around the water feature.
  • If you can choose a water feature that cascades down rather than sprays up, do so. This will help conserve water by minimizing evaporation.

Some other practical water wise tips for fountains include:

  • Minimize surface area of the fountain as well as splash and overspray from fountains to decrease evaporation.
  • Choose a bubbling fountain, which can recirculate water as it flows down the sides of the vessel.
  • Install a fountain such that it waters surrounding plants.
  • Place permeable plants and materials around fountains so water can be absorbed into the ground.
  • Supply your fountains with runoff or recycled water.
  • Place a decorative rain barrel under a set of rain chains to create a “fountain” from the water collected.

Let’s say you already have a water fountain installed on your property, and you’re looking for ways to make it conserve more water without replacing it. Some options include adjusting the spray to no higher than four inches, decreasing water levels to reduce splash, only turning fountains on at certain times such as when you are entertaining, and being sure there are no cracks or leaks in your fountain.

How do you conserve water in your landscape? Let us know by leaving a comment.