Plant Highlight: The Poppy Mallow Flatters Xeriscaped Lawns

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Xeriscaped or grass-free landscapes present some unique challenges when it comes to adding plants and features. You have to consider watering as well as design requirements.

The poppy mallow flower, or winecup, is perfect for Xeriscaped lawns, as it provides color and texture while also being drought-tolerant. It is a purple flower with a white dot at the base with five petals. The stems of the poppy mallow spread out up to three feet, covering a large area with bright blooms that are open during the day and close at night and after pollination.

There are several design options when using poppy mallow flower in your yard. You can use them as specimen plants to be enjoyed on their own, as groundcover for a large space, or mixed with a mass of other plants and flowers. You can weave it through a rock garden, place on a sunny slope, or hang it from retaining walls.

When grouping with other plants, consider adding contrasting textures. The thick lacy stems of the poppy mallow along with its bright blooms could work well with small or grass-like plants or plants with blue or gray leaves, such as Blue Spruce sedum. White, yellow, and blue are all colors that will complement the poppy mallow’s purple blooms.

As a native to the High Plains area of the United States, which includes Colorado, poppy mallow flower is a great option for Xeriscapes. They tolerate sun and drought and thrive at high elevations. You’ll enjoy their bright and colorful blooms from summer through the fall.

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