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A Grand Time for Lifescape

Lifescape has just won the Grand award from the National Association of Landscape Professionals Awards of Excellence Program for our Castle Pines Residence design.  Our team travelled to Louisville, Kentucky to attend the LANDSCAPES conference and accepted the award on stage this evening.  We were one of 4 who won this award for North America, including both the U.S. and Canada.

We are extremely honored to receive such an award which now puts us in the running for the Judges award.  The Judges award is the highest award given at the national level and is voted on by a group of industry peers.  If we win, the Castle Pines project would be considered the best landscape design build project in the entire country further solidifying the skills and creativity of our designers here at Lifescape.

Lifescape has been blessed with a great team that holds a lot of passion for their work and strives to exceed the expectations of our clients on every project.  The Castle Pines project was a great example of this as it was already voted the 2015 Colorado Project of the Year.  This award is given to recognize the “professionalism and innovation, as well as business practices and original projects” as stated by the Associated Landscape Contractors of Colorado.

Our Castle Pines project is a modern home in the wilderness of Castle Pines Valley in Castle Rock Colorado.  It is nestled in the foothills and set back off the mountain road about 400 feet.  With stunning views of the mountains, the landscape includes a native grass meadow that opens up to a pristine landscape of manicured turf and hand pruned boxwoods.  A significant vintage automobile gallery was completed in 2014 resulting in a stunning rooftop landscape that appeared as though it was installed with the original construction.  Our design team partnered with the clients’ architect to harmoniously blend the design of the home with the design of the landscape.

Castle Pines Design Project

Preventative Landscape Maintenance: Final tips to prepare for the freeze

The growing season is quickly coming to a halt and now is the time to take those final steps to prepare your landscape for the coming cold.  The better you prepare, the more benefits you will receive next spring.  We have compiled a short list of tasks that will help you get a jumpstart on sustaining that beautiful landscape into next year.

  • Bury Those Bulbs – If you are thinking of adding a bit more color to your yard next spring, now is the time to plant some beautiful fall bulbs.  Some of the most popular and colorful fall bulbs are Tulips, Daffodils, Crocus and Allium which all perform well if you plant them now for a spring bloom.

Mixed Crocus

mixed crocus


  • One Last Mow – Your yard’s growth has slowed dramatically and you will see little to no growth over the next several months.  Go ahead and mow the grass one last time but do so with the leaves still on the ground as this will help provide the lawn with compost which will act as a soil conditioner, help beneficial organisms reach the soil to aid in aeriation and will help ward off plant diseases.  This will not only keep the grass looking neat and trim but it will also ensure next spring that your lawn is ready for vibrant growth.
  • Pre-emergent Application – Now is also the perfect time to apply a pre-emergent to prevent those pesky winter weeds from growing along with your lawn next spring.
  • Last Chance for Fertilizer – Go ahead and apply that last dose of food for your lawn before it gets too cold.  If you have a properly aeriated lawn there is still enough warmth and moisture to strengthen up your yard’s root system.

fertilize your lawn


  • Winterize Those Pipes – With the freezing cold months quickly approaching it is your last chance to be sure that all of your pipes and sprinkler system are winterized.  For your home, this means more than just cutting off the water to the outside.  To eliminate the risk of bursting pipes be sure to back drain your interior pipes.  It’s important to enlist the help of a professional to winterize your irrigation system. Call Lifescape to discuss irrigation maintenance packages. For more information about our services click here.

efficient sprinkler system


Lifescape members, Michael Hupf, President & CEO, LeAnn Ostheimer, Director of Sales and Marketing, and Mike Ransom, Construction Division Manager, will be attending the National Association of Landscape Professionals’ (NALP) convention.  This convention is an opportunity to network, recruit, attend educational sessions and meet other leading landscape professionals.

Not only will we be in attendance but we have submitted our Castle Pines project, which was designed by our own LeAnn Ostheimer, in the Exterior Design/Build projects (Residential and Commercial) category.  The awards showcase superior projects in the areas of design, construction and landscape.  Projects range in size and scope from under $25K to over $1M.  NALP strives to recognize professionalism and enhance public perceptions of our industry and its professionals through its awards programs.  Only a select few companies win these national awards.

In this category we submitted a landscape design plan, before and after photos along with a description of the project.  The entering firm must have created the landscape design and installed the project.  We are honored to have been selected by the client to design and build the landscape of this unique and stunning property.

Castle Pines Firepit


Learn more about the convention here: http://ow.ly/Tsnm3


Check out some more of the images from this beautiful design:

Castle Pines design


Castle Pines backyard


Castle Pines garage


Castle Pines sideyard


Castle Pines greenery

Now Is The Time To Focus On Your Hardscapes

With fall upon us and winter months coming, now is a great time to think about hardscapes.

Whether it’s a driveway, a stone path, a patio or even something more elaborate such as a fire pit or water feature; now is a great time to visualize the areas where you can perk up the beauty of your property and home.

Here are a few pictures of our past projects to inspire you for your next outdoor living project.

Pavers – Replace your old cracked concrete with decorative pavers.  Colorado’s freeze thaw climate in the winter causes concrete to crack and can be difficult and expensive to fix.

Pavers1 Pavers2 Pavers3


Stone Path or Walkway – A stone path doesn’t have to be something only used to traverse a section of your yard.  Take the time to plan and make it another beautiful addition to your landscape.

home_slider1Stone PathStone Path 2


Fire Pit – For something more elaborate, invest in your new social gathering spot and build a fire pit.  It is a great place to relax and enjoy the company of your friends and a warm fire.

Mountain Modern

residential-resort_cherry-hills-village_7Fire Pit Night Pool


Water – Take advantage of the charm a water feature can bring to any yard or garden.  It’s a great way to bring the design of your yard to the next level and the quiet ripple of the stream provides another great place to relax to let the stress of the day fade away.

Patio - Lifescape

Water FeatureWater Feature 2


Don’t “Fall” Victim to These Gardening Blunders

Every garden season has its joys, as well as its potential pitfalls. The good news is that many garden and landscape problems are preventable. When fall arrives in Colorado, make sure you avoid the following common garden mistakes.

colorado landscaping service

Source: Better Homes and Gardens

Forgetting to safeguard plants from wildlife. As temperatures drop, food sources for deer and other creatures dwindle. This can make your plants extra appetizing to hungry animals. Even if you’ve chosen deer-resistant plants, desperate wildlife might nevertheless find your greenery tempting.

You can prevent damage to your garden in several ways. Bring potted plants inside while you’re away and at night, and incorporate deer-proof fencing or repellents. If these steps don’t work or you need more information about preventing wildlife from eating your plants, you can always look to Lifescape Colorado for expert advice.

colorado landscaping service

Source: Better Homes and Gardens

Pruning too early in the season. Pruning entices plants to create new growth which isn’t desirable when they’re about to go into dormancy. New growth is susceptible to damage from freezes, which can stress the entire plant. Wait to prune trees, bushes or other woody plants until sure signs of dormancy. This might include a change of autumnal foliage colors.

colorado landscape maintenace

Source: Better Homes and Gardens

Underwatering. It’s easy to remember to water plants when days are warm. However, you shouldn’t cut down on watering in the fall. Cooler weather doesn’t mean plants, which haven’t gone dormant yet, need less water. Check soil moisture by touch rather than by sight, as looks can deceive, and maintain your normal watering schedule.

colorado landscape service

Source: Better Homes and Gardens

Applying the wrong fertilizer. While it’s a good idea to add compost and other organic soil amendments in the fall, you should avoid applying nitrogen-heavy fertilizers. Like pruning, nitrogen encourages new growth and this is not desirable when frost is imminent. In fall, stick with adding organic matter, such as compost, and removing decayed or diseased plant material.

At Lifescape Colorado, we provide year-round gardening and landscaping services. Contact us today to learn how we can help you maintain a beautiful outdoor space all year round.