What Makes a Modern Style Landscape?

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Like architecture and interior design, landscape architecture is an art. It requires special knowledge and understanding of how shapes, lines, colors and materials can be carefully and creatively combined to achieve an aesthetic that is beautiful and engaging. Everything from the borders of flower beds to the types of grasses and materials used for retaining walls can be thoughtfully chosen to achieve a landscape with a certain look and feel. And since modern rustic residential and commercial designs continue to be a top trend in Colorado and beyond, we’d like to take a closer look at the design elements that are commonly found in modern style landscape architecture.

Here are a few strategies that can be implemented to achieve a sleek, modern style landscape to complement a modern style home or building for a cohesive look that maximizes curb appeal and – as founder of Landscape Design Advisor Allen Quay puts it – “magnifies the beauty of nature with the sophistication of modern living.”

Create clean lines.

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Create contrasts with plants and other materials like metal or concrete.

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Play up texture or incorporate abstract patterns.

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Use light in unique ways.

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Work in geometric shapes.

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In his article “Preserving the Modern Landscape,” Lawrence Halprin reminds us the importance of thoughtful landscape design.

“The quality and character of all cities is dependent on design. This includes the design of buildings and, perhaps more importantly, the design of open spaces (streets, plazas, parks, river edges, etc.). These open spaces have been designed over time and all together are what we term landscape architecture.”

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