Tips to a Pet-Friendly Yard

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Sometimes we forget about our furry family members when it comes to our landscape design. There are a few pet-friendly accommodations that we can give our pets in order from them to be safer outdoors and for us to breathe a little easier.

  • Deal with Puddles which lead to muddy paws. Since dog don’t walk around puddles and sporting breeds instinctively dig when they see water, fill in low areas that collect water. It may be that poor drainage is the root cause.
  • Pave well-worn out paths for your pet. Dogs usually have a favorite route across the yard that wears on the lawn. Since you probably won’t be able to get your dog to change his/her route, place pave stones where he/she walks across the lawn or in the flower bed.
  • Create shade. If there are no shade trees, make sure that your dog has access to the patio. Female dogs like it dig nests in cool spots next to the foundation. But in wet weather, these holes get filled with water and can lead to muddy paws plus  foundation problems.
  • Know what plants are toxic. It’s good to know which plants are toxic before you begin to plant.

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