Prevent Brown Grass when Temps Soar

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With tempertures in the 95 to 100 degree range, many Denver lawns can start to stress. And the obvious result of heat stressed grass is brown grass. What’s the solution? Well, there’s only one, and it’s water. But more importantly how and when you apply it. But there is a way to be proactive in your approach to help your lawn keep cool.

  • Check your sprinkler system – Make sure it’s in tip top shape and that no water is hitting the street or pavement areas.
  • Consider going high tech – getting a smart timer will control when your system waters and they help to conserve water also.
  • Spot check  – if you have some brown areas in the yard, don’t set the sprinkler to water them more. Just hand water and have a landscape professional come out to fix the problem.
  • No mowing, fertilizing or playing on heat-stressed grass – that is until it has been watered. Water deep and long but not everyday, but avoid run off.
  • Water overnight –  from 10 p.m. to 6 a.m. are best because it cuts down on evaporation loss.

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