How to Get Major Curb Appeal in 2021

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We’re all spending more time in the home and often focus on functional improvements inside, but changes to the exterior can make just as much impact and expand your useable square footage.  

Curb appeal, defined as the attractiveness of the exterior of a property, as viewed from the street, can be elevated with simple tips and trends we see hitting in 2021 — hint: front porches make a comeback.



With so many of us spending a significant amount of time homebound in a new reality of COVID-19, even the most introverted folks are looking for connection, often outside their front doors. Exterior seating via a pergola or front porch creates a naturally inviting atmosphere and serves as a functional and intentional addition to your home. 

For new spaces, consider the sunlight at different times of day, materials that enhance your existing aesthetic, and furniture that allows everything from book reading to Zoom meeting to social distancing. For existing spaces, remove unhelpful or disorganized vegetation, arrange or buy new furniture to optimize for comfort, and consider adding water features or other elements that can cut down on ambient noise. Adding outdoor lamps or string lights can stretch time in your space later into the evening and provide a welcomed break from the indoors. 




Landscape lines tend to follow the architectural form of a home. Curved window frames and arches that were part of different decades of exterior design lend a romantic, whimsical aesthetic to homes that easily translates into the landscape. For 2021, we’re seeing cleaner lines in both exterior architecture and landscaping.  

Consider replacing radius, arched and other curved windows with squared-off counterparts, but if that’s not a planned expense, fear not. Our team has experienced positive effects with horizontal landscape lines that lead the onlooker’s eyes across the property. Rock walls, hedges and other low line barriers that create contrast between materials and elevations can also help create a crisp curb appeal. Alternatively, consider implementing linear metal pieces such as planters or furniture pieces to freshen up your look, redesign a patio or enhance your walkway.  




Building on our pergola recommendation, we see natural wood elements and accents as a major appeal this coming year. Formed wood details, such as a trellis, raised garden bed, bench and even gates or arbors, add architectural interest, while driftwood, logs and even mulch add a natural flow.  

Consider how you’re using the space, both vertically and horizontally, and if the elements are intended to provide access, shade, function or another aspect. Ultimately, keep the wood elements intentional and anchored in your home style.




Colorado hosts a variety of climates, though most think of the Centennial state as a mostly arid atmosphere. Rivers and reservoirs flowing down from the Rocky Mountains make Denver and the Foothills a naturally dense location for everything from evergreens to low-water native plants like butterfly milkweed. Our most meaningful designs tend to serve the needs of our planet as much as they serve the needs of our customers, melding the two seamlessly into a beautiful setting with long-term benefits to the community and environment.  

Consider plants that foster homes or nutrients for bees, butterflies and other insects we need, and avoid plants that extend the lives of insects we don’t. Sustainably sourced vegetation that doesn’t require constant watering is an excellent way to enjoy your plants and your water bill. 




Great curb appeal offers up so much to not only you but others as well. Whether it be the neighbor enjoying a stroll who is admiring the space that you have created from afar to the friend who is offered a bouquet of fresh flowers or basket of vegetables from your garden, what you create affects many more than just those living in your home. 

It’s been a challenging year for most, and the outdoors reminds us daily of the opportunity to feel and express joy. Maybe it’s the Vitamin D, the fresh air, the beauty of winter, or just a whimsical display of color, creativity or a crop garden. Passersby will appreciate the beautiful landscape design they can enjoy from your curbside.  


Are you interested in getting some serious curb appeal in 2021? Contact us at Lifescape Colorado to get the conversation started and learn how we can help you to design and build a beautiful outdoor entertaining space to enjoy throughout the year.