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Geometric designs have been used in landscape designs for thousands of years. Greeks and Romans used boxwood hedges, which were manipulated into the shapes and arrangements they wanted, whether it be a manicured plant in the shape of an animal or part of an intricate labyrinth. Stone tiles were laid in perfectly executed diamonds, or linear walkways ended in circular seating areas complete with a fountain.

Ideas for Garden Hardscaping with Geometric Designs

Garden hardscaping with geometric designs has continued into the formal English garden, as well as contemporary gardens, providing a tidy aesthetic. Look how the following gardens have included geometric shapes into their hardscaping plans.

Circles. We mentioned the idea of linear walkways that lead to a circular open area, often containing a water feature or planter bed. Here is an example of this from the Lifescape gallery. This lush garden proves that you can blend the formality of geometric designs with a more casual landscape to find a happy medium. The gray gravel is less formal than pavers, and while the plants in the center follow the shape of the circle, they are loosely pruned for a softer edge.

Squares. Squares are the most popular geometric shape used in landscapes. They are easy to achieve, whether it is a square of lawn bordered by a plant bed or square pavers arranged in specific design. Here is an example a more formal installation where square pavers are set with smooth river stones in between for contrast. You can achieve an informal version of this using wood dividers and rock, like we see in this West Coast garden. This idea would work very well for a Colorado Xeriscape.

Photo via Houzz

Geometry on the lawn. One way to apply geometry, and minimize water hungry lawn square footage, is to implement pavers with your lawn. The pavers create both movement and contrast. They can lead the eye to a focal point like your home, a bench, or a beautiful plant bed.

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