Secrets to Breathtaking Seasonal Color in Your Colorado Landscape

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As spring swings into summer, the Denver area and Front Range comes to life. This is the ideal time to plant beautiful seasonal color with containers and annual beds in your Colorado landscape architecture. The local “frost safe” date is in late May, so early June is prime time for turning up the volume on your landscape.

With thousands of flowers to choose from and endless options to combine blooms into an array of color palettes, we recommend consulting with our expert landscape architects or one of our experienced project managers to maximize your space.

Whether in containers, planting beds or as accents, annuals provide a fresh splash of color each year and can be designed to suit your changing tastes or moods each season and bringing your home landscape to life.

LifeScape Colorado is your top residential and commercial landscape design firm serving properties in Denver and across the entire Colorado Front Range. Whether you need landscape design ideas, construction, property care, or ongoing maintenance of your outdoor space, we have the experience and professionalism to meet your landscaping needs.



Get Creative with Containers 

Containers are a great opportunity to quickly and easily add curb appeal to your front yard, or create a separate outdoor space in your landscape. If you have limited space, or live in a more urban environment, containers are the answer.

There are pots, garden beds, and containers of every shape, size, color and budget, so if you do one thing for your landscape this summer, invest in colorful planters filled with your favorite flowers. The key is to get a variety of heights and a cohesive palette of color and, of course, texture with grasses and greenery.



Change Out Your Color with the Seasons

Keep your garden fresh and vibrant throughout the entire year by freshening up your flower choices for some colorful outdoor living. Your annual beds and containers can be changed out four times per year—spring, summer, fall and winter—for maximum impact.

Spring— opt for cool-weather annuals like osteospermum, dusty miller, sweet alyssum, pansy, Indian paintbrush, and snapdragons.

Summer—Consider annuals like zinnias, verbena and begonia. Other great choices include marigolds and salvia.

Fall—In the fall, boost color in your garden with cool-weather annuals like flowering kale and cabbage, native grasses, coral bells, dusty miller, and sweet alyssum.

Winter—We love evergreen containers with branches and berries to add some color to your landscape design through the winter months. This color palette against the white snow is beautiful and can be repurposed once the holidays are over.



Colorado Friendly Blooms 

Our Colorado climate can be hard on flowers and non-native plants. Some varieties that thrive in other areas of the country will struggle to survive our dry, hot summers. The climate also varies widely from region to region, so make sure you consult with experts to choose the right native plants for your environment and use the proper installation techniques for your entire Denver landscape design.

Additionally, you’ll want to make sure you have a functioning and efficient irrigation system for your Colorado landscape. Keep up with regular maintenance on your sprinkler system to save water. To craft a more sustainable landscape design, consider incorporating some xeriscaping methods that can help you conserve water while still creating a beautiful and natural outdoor space.

Conclusion – Secrets to Breathtaking Seasonal Color in Your Colorado Landscape

Our expert landscape design team can help you select, design and plan the installation of just the right mix of plants for your space. Contact Lifescape today to schedule a consultation or installation for beautiful seasonal color. Once planted, our property care experts can keep your landscape blooming beautifully for the rest of the growing season. Don’t wait, contact Lifescape today.

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