How to Maintain Your Irrigation System for Late Spring & Summer

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While it’s not the most beautiful part of your landscape, your irrigation system is certainly the hardest working. When your systems are performing at their highest level, you can save money on watering and ensure longevity for your turf, flowers, shrubs and trees. In short, maintaining your irrigation system is one of the most important investments you can make.

April and early May is the ideal time to get your irrigation systems repaired and maintained to ensure a healthy landscape, lawn and garden all summer long.

Irrigation systems are one of our specialties at Lifescape Colorado. Below, Property Care Division Manager Matt Cloud shares a few of his top tips and upgrade ideas to maintain your irrigation system for optimal performance in Colorado.

Broken, Bent and Backflow: What Needs Repairing?

Over the winter, a lot of damage can occur due to freezing temperatures, snow plows, and ground shifting. How do you know when you need to call in an irrigation expert? Look for these potential problems when you activate your system:

  1. Broken or clogged nozzles
  2. Broken lateral lines and underground leaks
  3. Cracked backflow—i.e. you can’t activate the system
  4. Heads leaning, raised, bent or not pointing in the right direction


Is Your Irrigation Programming Optimized?

Your programming should be adjusted throughout the spring, summer and fall to meet the watering needs of your landscape. For example, you don’t need as frequent of watering during the spring as you do the middle of the summer. A few tips:

  • Right now, evaluate your run times for spring watering
  • Then, mark your calendar to make adjustments throughout the seasons
  • Make sure to match your irrigation runtime to sun exposure throughout the year—some plants don’t need as much water as others

Update & Upgrade: The Latest Irrigation Technology

“For systems less than 5 years old, there are a lot of opportunities to improve efficiency by adding a smart controller, pressure reducing nozzles and/or check valves,” says Cloud.

“Irrigation technology is rapidly evolving really valuable to homeowners who want to streamline their systems,” says Cloud. “There are opportunities to upgrade your systems to WiFi and get them on the cloud to automatically make programming changes on a daily basis based on individual zone requirements and local weather.”

Other reasons to upgrade systems include:

  • Ease of operation and accessibility
  • Less water waste and increase efficiency
  • Automated control of runtimes based on recent weather and specific zone data

“Contact a landscape maintenance expert to learn more about the latest technology. It can help you save on your water bill and ensure longevity of your outdoor spaces.”


Let the Experts Handle It

Irrigation systems are best when installed, set up and maintained by property care experts who understand the nuances of your environment, your plants and your sun exposure throughout the year. Lifescape Colorado’s irrigation services include:

  • System main line pressure tests
  • Fine-tuning sprinkler head adjustments
  • Leakage repairs
  • Controller scheduling and micro adjustments throughout the year
  • Fixing mechanical errors
  • Looking for and repairing underground leaks
  • Fixing clogged sprinkler nozzles
  • Ensuring that zones are operating at their proper capacity
  • Installing and maintaining new systems and technology upgrades

Contact the irrigation specialists at Lifescape Colorado, or (303) 831-8310 today to learn more about efficient irrigation practices or to request an evaluation of your existing system.