Xeriscape: A Denver tradition of beautifully responsible landscaping.

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Did you know that the term “xeriscape” was actually created by Denver Water back in 1981? It refers to a drought-resistant landscape achieved by following a series of basic principles. These guiding principles include planning and designing, conscientious irrigation, and selection of native plants that can survive dry spells without being overly demanding on water resources. Many people mistakenly believe that “xeriscaping” means sacrificing greenery and color for a look that is dry and prickly or rock beds. However, working with a knowledgeable designer can yield colorful landscapes with beautiful year-round interest – as well as sustainability!

Proper planning comes first.
To be successful, a property must initially be analyzed for conditions such as soil type, drainage, and sun exposure . Take the time to consider what native plants will thrive and provide color and functionality within the design. Soil improvements may be necessary to create the right nutrient balance.

Carefully designed plantings and irrigation.
Using smart irrigation technology, an irrigation professional can design a system that responds to local weath-er conditions to water based on your specific plant types – preventing runoff and promoting deep rooting by watering deeply instead of frequently. The irrigation design will include hydrozones, allowing plant groupings based on watering needs. Placing plant groupings wisely within hydrozones will optimize their water absorption and promote proper drainage.


Organic mulch and high-quality maintenance.
Proper use of mulch and on-going maintenance complete the formula for a successful xeriscape. Use of organic mulches helps to minimize water evaporation, reduce weed growth, moderate soil temperatures and prevent erosion. Mulch also adds texture, color and visual interest. Proper maintenance should include weeding, fertilizing, pruning and on-going water management.

The Lifescape Team has always put an emphasis on sustainable landscaping to preserve resources, local habitats and our planet – all while creating a beautiful landscape statement tailored to your unique requirements. Contact Lifescape Colorado today to implement your own beautiful and water-wise xeriscape!