Healthy trees can mean a healthy increase in property value.

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healthy trees

Did you know that beautiful, healthy trees can boost your property’s value by 5 to 20%? Trees are often your landscape’s most valuable assets and increase in value as they grow and mature. They provide dramatic curb appeal and can help conserve energy by providing shade in summer and protection from winter winds. Healthy trees can live for decades, so it makes sense to consult a trained and certified arborist to keep them protected and thriving.

A previously healthy tree can begin to decline and die very quickly when impacted by pests, disease, dehydration, or damaging weather. For example, Pine beetles, Spruce beetles and mites are known to attack trees in the Denver area and are significant threats if they are not identified early and treated properly. Fungus can also kill established, healthy trees when left untreated. It’s important to diagnose and provide necessary care for a variety of diseases, lack of nutrients and insect infestations. A deep root or foliar fertilizer may be all it would take to get a weak tree healthy again!

Providing proper year-round water management for your trees is essential, and can be challenging in our semi-arid climate. It can be especially tricky to determine how to water without freezing during cold weather. Did you know that even with several inches of snow, trees often do not get enough water to meet their needs? It is important to have knowledgeable help when establishing irrigation schedules throughout the various seasons of the year.

healthy trees

Make sure to prune and protect trees from potential damage. Pruning is part art and part science. When done by experts, it will enhance trees’ natural beauty while removing fall risk and promoting tree health. It is important to protect people, structures and trees themselves from limbs breaking during windy conditions or under the weight of heavy snow and ice. Assessing trees while the leaves are present makes it easier to identify which limbs are dead and which are healthy. Be sure to protect trees during landscape construction or renovations with protective fencing to avoid root compaction and other potential damage.

The Lifescape Team provides you with tree and plant specialists, irrigation professionals and expert maintenance to make sure your trees are kept healthy, protected and cared for all year long. Our designers can help you select and plant new trees when needed. Contact us today!