Mulch can help your plants beat the Heat

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During the warmer months it is very important that your landscape plants stay hydrated and a great way to help them stay healthy and vibrant in the heat is by adding mulch to the beds. Not only is this a great option for keeping your plants perky, applying mulch is also a sustainable step that is scientifically proven to save water. To break it down a bit further, one layer of mulch will help plants retain moisture in the root zone and it will slow evaporation. And there are a few more benefits that come from adding mulch to your beds such as helping to control weeds.

If you are having difficulty figuring out what to use as mulch, here are a few options:

  • Grass clippings –  one of the most sustainable mulches available and you can recycle them from your own property
  • Rock – is very durable mulch and will not blow away
  • Bark Chip – cooler than rook but will have to be replaced each year or two depending on the chip size
  • Gorilla hair – great for high wind areas, gorilla hair is a woven, textured product that will decompose over time
  • Aspen fines – can be a local, recycled product and looks very nice around plants

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