Colorado’s Seasonal Coloring

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Colorado’s gold Aspen trees stand out in the fall, creating a variety of colors that draw visitors from all over the world to experience this natural exhibition. If you don’t want to swat at insects while inspecting your backyard showcase, try these tips to attract butterflies and detract insects in your gardens.  

Bring on the butterflies –Rabbitbrush and the Butterfly bush are both plants native to Colorado. Therefore they will thrive in the arid atmosphere. But they also attract butterflies and other pollinators like honey bees and birds. Hyssop brings a beautiful bloom and butterflies.

Companions to keep pests out – You work hard on your vegetable garden and certainly do not want insects invading your hard work. The best way to circumvent this is to utilize companion planting.  Planting the right combination together is a good way to keep insects away from your garden. Asters and sunflowers work great as a pair to ward off insects, and catnip can keep weevils and ants away from just about all vegetables.

Colorful garden to plate – Tomato and basil plants are companions, both as plants and as the foundation of your next pasta sauce. The bright red blends well with summer squash in green or yellow. Mix in sweet or bell peppers, which come in colors varying from the traditional red and green to orange, purple and even chocolate brown. Growing garlic can help repel aphids and some beetles from your peppers.