A Healthy Garden for a Healthy Lifestyle

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Colorado vegetable gardenMany people are choosing to grow their own vegetables and fruits today. There are plenty who enjoy gardening as a hobby, but now more people are making the choice in order to help supplement a healthy or organic lifestyle. Depending on what foods you like to eat, that is one of the first steps to figuring out what you want to plant in your edible garden. Here are a few examples.

  • Love making Italian dishes? Basil and tomato plants are well suited to be companion plants, whether in the garden or in your pasta sauce.
  • Need a fresh batch of salsa for your Mexican dishes? You can plant a salsa garden which consists of cilantro, tomatoes, chives, green onions and tomatillos, great for a South-of the border themed container garden.
  • Are you a tea drinker? Tea planters are wonderful. You can fill yours up with tasty mint–like chocolate, orange and peppermint–and sweeten the mix with a Stevia plant.

What type of garden do you want to grow in your Denver area landscape?

Source: alcc.com, Photo Credit: coloradovegetablegarden.com