Is your Outdoor Living Space ready for Entertaining?

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Memorial Day is almost here which kick starts the season of barbecuing on the back porch, taking a few cool dips in the pool and inviting over family and friends to enjoy a day outdoors with food, fun, and laughter. So is your outdoor living space ready for all of these activities?

The best time to have an outdoor space renovated is during the colder months so that they can be ready by the time summer comes around, however, it is really never too late. Depending on what you would like in your outdoor space and the size of the project, it may not take long, and you could enjoy it by the end of the summer. But for those larger projects like pools, courtyards, outdoor kitchens and such, you want to allow as much time as possible.

One great thing about having a project done during the summer, you can be off traveling with the family and not have to worry about seeing and hearing all the work being done, just make sure that you are available to your landscape contractor when decisions need to be made.

If you live in the Denver or Boulder area and need to get your outdoor living space ready for entertaining, contact a landscape designer at Lifescape for more information. 303-831-8310