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Perennials suited for the Denver climate provide your garden with year after year of foliage and blooms. Plants that can handle Colorado’s drought-tolerant landscape and provide your backyard with color comes easy when you use these bullet proof perennials.

May Night Salvia
Source: Garden Harvest Supply

May night salvia
These deep violet-purple flowers sprout up to 18 inches with a green foundation. They can attract butterflies and hummingbirds with leaves that can leave a pleasant aroma depending on your nose.

Red Husker Penstemon
Source: Iowa State University Extension

Husker Red Penstemon

Add a maroon-red to your yard with a drought-tolerant flower that is rarely bothered by diseases or insects. In early summer, white flowers with a touch of pink can grow up to 34 inches and provide hummingbirds with delicious nectar.

Moonshine Yarrow
Source: Conservation Garden Park

Moonshine yarrow
A staple in many gardens, this flat-topped canary yellow cluster of flowers match well with a variety of colors. They bloom beginning in early summer and will rebloom if cut back after the first round of flowering.

Cat Mint
Source: Moosey’s Country Garden

Rising as much as three to four feet, this easy to grow perennial has flowers in shades of pink, purple-blue and white while also unveiling a gray-green foliage that remains throughout the growing season.

Daylily petite profusion mix
Source: Easy To Grow Bulbs


A low-maintenance gardener’s best friend, few plants are as versatile or as rugged as this one with more than 10,000 cultivars or selective breeding that’s produced a size and flower color ideal for your landscape.