Beautiful Backyard Landscaping Ideas

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While most people tend to focus on their home’s interior spaces during fall and early winter, Lifescape envisions a different approach. Rather than neglecting outdoor living during this period, take advantage of the relatively cooperative weather to plan and implement beautiful and simple backyard landscaping ideas that will bloom to life when spring arrives.

Here are some ideas from HGTV Gardens to enhance your backyard landscaping in Colorado and consider the expertise of Lifescape when looking for a landscape architect near you.

Source: Home & Garden Design, Atlanta via Houzz


Don’t wait until spring to start designing your hardscape plan. By starting now, you can avoid your yard being torn up for a significant portion of the summer. Moreover, the new plantings will have ample time to grow and flourish by the time fall comes around again, giving you a lush and stunning landscape to enjoy throughout the warmer months.

The hardscaping possibilities are vast:

  • Adding Terraces: Especially appealing on flat pieces of land, terraces with varying heights add visual interest and offer perfect spaces for planting, gardening, and seating areas. Imagine basking in the beauty of a multi-level garden with vibrant flora and cozy seating nooks.
  • Augmenting Seating Areas: Elevate the elegance of your seating areas by incorporating gazebos, pergolas, ramadas, or charming arbors. These additions not only enhance the overall aesthetic but also create shaded havens for relaxation and entertainment.
  • Upgrading Walkways: Bring your envisioned gravel designs and walkways to life during this season, as you’ll have the time to implement them seamlessly. By spring, your walkways will be ready to welcome a parade of blossoms and greenery.
  • Patio Landscaping: A well-designed patio serves as the heart of your outdoor living space. Patio landscaping ideas for your backyard can come from anywhere and be as creative as you’d like. Enhance your patio’s appeal by incorporating potted plants, colorful flower beds, or strategic string lights. To make it a captivating focal point, consider adding a stylish fire pit or outdoor fireplace that complements the overall hardscape design. This will create an inviting and charming ambiance, encouraging you to spend more time outdoors.
Source: AMS Landscape Design Studios, Inc. via Houzz

Water Features

If you’ve ever dreamt of having a captivating water feature in your backyard, now is the time to make it happen. Constructing a water feature can be a substantial undertaking involving heavy equipment, plumbing, and intricate, large-scale rock work. By completing this project before winter arrives, you’ll be able to relish your new water feature as soon as the warm sun returns.

Source: Rob Kyne via Houzz

Garden Planning

Why not turn your dream garden into reality by laying it out and building it now? Constructing raised beds allows you to enrich the soil with compost and nutrients, setting the stage for a thriving garden in the following year. To ensure a successful garden that thrives in Colorado’s climate, our experts in backyard design near you can guide you on choosing the right plants, flowers, and vegetables, as well as when to start planting.

Ready to transform your backyard landscaping in Colorado or looking for outdoor design near you? Take the first step by contacting Lifescape today at (303) 831-8310. Our team of experts is eager to bring your vision to life, creating an enchanting outdoor sanctuary for you to enjoy year-round.