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Do you love golf? Would you like to enjoy getting a few strokes in without leaving your home? You can do just that by incorporating your very own putting green right into your Colorado landscape. Not only does it create a beautiful scene, but it adds unique functionality to allow you to use your landscape even more. Not to mention, it will always be a big hit with friends when entertaining outdoors!

putting green construction colorado
Source: Slater Associates Landscape Architects via Houzz

Design Versatility

Your personal putting green can be as large as your landscape and wishes allow. You may choose to have a simple, flat playing space with just one to three holes, or you might consider a more complex design. Choosing the latter will ensure you will never get tired of your course.

Earth mounds, for example, can be added to provide the extra challenge you would find on a golf course. These also add visual interest and can even serve a dual-purpose on sloping landscapes by preventing erosion. Sand pits and other challenging golf course features can also be constructed.

The putting green can be created anywhere in the yard. Ideally, however, it should be placed near other outdoor living areas. This makes it accessible, and when guests use it during an outdoor party, they will not feel secluded from other guests. A smart design will keep in mind the chance of wayward golf balls by making sure that houses, cars and guests are not put at risk.

Using natural dividers, such as stone walls or wood arbors can subtly differentiate the putting green from other areas while maintaining a cohesive landscape appearance, and well-placed landscape lighting can give you the option to play at night.

Putting Greens can be Drought-Friendly

Artificial turf is often preferred for creating the greens because it is easy to work with and maintain. Unlike natural turf, it requires no irrigation, which is a particularly valuable bonus here in our drought-prone Colorado climate and during strict water restrictions.

Whether you dream of your own personal putting green or a gorgeous space for luxury outdoor living and entertaining, our professionals at Lifescape can handle the job from start to finish. Contact us to learn of the wide range of services that we offer.