July is Smart Irrigation Month in Colorado

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July is Smart Irrigation Month here in Colorado, which means it is the perfect time to take a closer look at your landscape and watering methods. Droughts are unavoidable, but by making wise design and irrigation choices, you can keep your yard healthy while also helping to conserve water. Here are tips on how to minimize water usage and save money while maintaining an attractive landscape.

Smarter Irrigation Methods

  • Use Drip irrigation: When water is sprayed into the air, some evaporates before it reaches the ground and some settles on foliage, where it also evaporates before it can make it to roots. The result can be a lot of wasted water while plants are still thirsty. One solution for flowerbeds and other non-grassy areas is a drip irrigation system, which keeps water close to ground level so it penetrates soil.
  • Water during the Coolest Hours: Even with drip irrigation, water can evaporate if it’s running during the hottest parts of the day. Water plants in the early morning and in the evening hours to get the most out of watering.
  • Add Smart Controllers: Instead of guessing when your landscape needs water, consider investing in a smart controller. These use information about your Colorado landscape size, soil and plant type, amount of sunlight and rainfall to determine the correct amount of water and the best watering schedules. This technology ensures optimal conditions for efficient irrigation.
  • Keep Irrigation in Good Repair: Check sprinkler heads and other components regularly for leaks, which can damage plants and drive up your water bill.

Water-Wise Landscaping in Colorado

Drought-tolerant plants that can handle the hot and dry Colorado climate are another way to achieve a beautiful and interesting landscape that is also water wise. Drought-friendly yuccas, for example, can add a variety of shapes, sizes and colors for low-maintenance interest to landscapes. It’s also worth considering alternatives to traditional grass lawns, such as groundcovers, that require much less water. Combine these with a well-designed hardscape, and your yard can be transformed into a beautiful oasis all year long no matter how little rainfall.

xeriscaping colorado
Water-wise Xeriscape design by Lifescape in Colorado

From smart irrigation to water-wise landscaping, Lifescape can help you celebrate Smart Irrigation Month with drought-friendly design upgrades and professional landscape maintenance. Contact Lifescape today to learn about our many services.