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yucca plant
Source: Landscape Architecture Blog

Known as “some of the toughest plants in the kingdom,” yucca plants can bring a lot to landscapes while only asking for a little in return. Incredibly drought-tolerant and low-maintenance, yuccas have fleshy roots like succulents that allow this family of plants to store water in order to survive even in the driest of spells. But there is more to these plants besides drought durability.

As Mike Kintgen, Senior horticulturist at Denver Botanic Gardens told the Denver Post,  “…there are few plants that can give the architectural oomph yuccas have when you get the right one in the right spot.”

The yucca family includes several species with striking colors, shapes and sizes. The rosette of bell-shaped flowers, which bloom out from a tall stalk in the center of the plant, are sometimes called flor de izote, the national flower of El Salvador.

yucca flower
Source: Landscape Architecture Blog

All yuccas need to become an eye-catching focal point is full sun and plenty of room for their dramatic silhouette. As the Drought Smart Plants blog says, yuccas look best with ample space to spread their sword-shaped leaves.

yucca drought tolerant
Source: Drought Smart Plants

And as LA Times writer Jeff Spurrier says, yuccas add interest with age, too.

“As the plant gets older, the base of the grayish trunk swells, taking on the primeval look of an elephant’s foot. The stalk that produces flowers will die back, but the plant will continue to send up new pups and side spears that will flower.”

Do you have yuccas? Which species do you have and Where are they located in your landscape? Share your experience with these tough but beautiful plants in the comment section below.

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