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dog friendly design
Photo by Thomas J. Story via Sunset

If a previous experience or preconceived notion has you assuming gardening and pet-owning are incompatible, let us try to change your mind! After all, no one should have to choose between their furry friends and fresh flowers, foliage or even fresh fruits and veggies!

Tough Love: No we are not talking about disciplining, we are talking about hardscaping and durable mulching! Incorporate a gentle hardscape into your garden or landscape. Sunset magazine says, “smooth flagstones set in pebbles form a dry creek bed dogs can comfortably tread.” Also, opt for heavier mulch that is less likely to get tossed around by pets. Make sure it’s not too tough though. To protect paws, comfy mulch is key.

Border Collie Control: All dogs, not just Border Collie’s, can be convinced to stay away from flower beds with the proper border. Pieces of drift wood work well, as Sunset notes. Just be sure to avoid any sharp metal edging, as the Associated Landscape Contractors of Colorado reminds us.

Dig, chew, discolor, repeat: Okay, we can’t stop our dogs from being dogs. But if you are dealing with ruined roses, not-so-green grass and other doggie dilemmas, try a few of these strategies: plant sensible plants strategically away from high pet traffic areas, avoid landscape fabrics that become digging triggers, install underground irrigation, switch to all-natural dog food (this could positively impact the pH levels that turn grass yellow) or install a special “marking” post.

Are you a dog owner that loves gardening? Share your successful strategies for peaceful pet and plant co-existence in a comment below! Also, be sure to check our past posts on pet-friendly landscaping for additional tips.

Call on the landscaping experts at Lifescape in Denver, and we can help you, your pet and your plants enjoy your landscape in harmony. Any landscape design dilemma can be resolved through thoughtful planning with a professional. More times than not, the creative solutions that result end up bringing additional beauty and function to landscapes.