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It started with the simple TV remote. Now, we have whole-home automation systems. Similarly, what started as a simple timed-sprinkler system has now evolved into a whole-landscape irrigation control system. And if you have yet to explore this advanced landscape watering technology, you are missing out!

Here at Lifescape, we are excited to be able to offer the ESP-SMT smart irrigation control systems by Rain Bird. And what’s more is that Rain Bird never stops working! They are constantly developing ways to enhance and better equip this controller series to offer high-performing, water-efficient irrigation technology.

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Photo via Rain Bird

First introduced in 2009, the ESP-SMT earned the EPA’s WaterSence label and revolutionized how residents and landscapers schedule irrigation with its advanced, water-saving technology. And now the ESP-SMTe is taking it to the next level. The system consists of a smart panel controller chassis and an on-site weather station complete with a temperature sensor and integrated solar shield. It has a unique tipping bucket to measure rainfall and on-screen wizard prompts for site- and zone-specific irrigation customization. The newly-enhanced system uses historical, temperature, and rainfall data to regulate moisture daily for optimum conditions. Finally, the ESP-SMTe gives you the capabilities and freedom to manage up to 22 different zones!

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Photo via Rain Bird

As Rain Bird product manager Adolfo Meza said in a press release, “We’ve taken the original product and made it even better—and, because it’s expandable to 22 zones, it’s the perfect weather-based controller for both residential and light commercial applications . . . Zone by zone, the ESP-SMTe uses information like slope, shade, soil type, plant type, density root depth and sprinkler type to calculate the most efficient irrigation schedule for your site.”

On top of all this, the ESP-SMTe gives you the option to factor in watering restrictions and municipality-designated watering windows, which is particularly helpful for Colorado residents as we continue to battle difficult drought conditions.

To read more about the updates that the ESP-SMTe offers including zone configuration, the “Rain Delay” feature, the rain bucket graphic, and other interactive visuals and options, head over to Rain Bird website.

If you’d to talk to a professional landscaper about the system and how it works, or if you’d like to discuss installation, contact Lifescape in Denver at  (303) 831-8310.