Creating Definition Within Your Landscape With Planted Borders

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Whether it’s a small courtyard or an outdoor living room, any landscape can benefit from a little extra definition. Creating a border not only draws attention to the space, but also adds extra emphasis, texture, and in some cases, creates a cozier, more intimate space for relaxing and entertaining.

While lots of homeowners opt for brick or other forms of hardscaping to border and define their landscapes, using plants can create an excellent effect. The Houzz ideabook “Define Your Garden Softly With Planted Borders” explains: “Plants have the edge in several ways, including being cost effective, providing year-round interest in foliage and flowers, and most of all, having the ability to soften the joint between pathways and plantings.”

Boxwood hedging was a favorite of English botanist John Parkinson and remains a favorite among landscape designers today for more formal landscapes. It can be used alone, or with another low-lying plant to create more dimension when the boxwood has been hard clipped.

boxwood hedging
Photo via Houzz

Perennials are another great choice for creating a border within a landscape, offering seasonal foliage that is especially refreshing when compared to other plant species that don’t thrive well in certain seasons.

Photo via Houzz

Planted borders have been used in this example to create symmetry and frame the fountain, which serves as the focal point of the courtyard.

bordering a focal point within a landscape
Photo via Houzz

As Sunset Magazine shares, ornamental grasses not only bring texture and interesting color to a garden border, but also motion and sound. More importantly, the magazine notes that they are “graceful threads that weave all other plants in the garden together, making them look more like family members than a convention of strangers.”

ornamental grass bordering a walkway
Photo via Sunset Magazine

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