Low-Maintenance Ornamental Grasses Great for Colorado Landscapes

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Achieving an aesthetically appealing landscape while keeping water consumption down can be tricky, but it’s the price we pay to live in the beautiful Rocky Mountains. One way Denver homeowners can create an interesting landscape that is also drought-friendly is by incorporating ornamental grasses. These easy-to-care-for plants can add incredible texture and color to landscapes while not requiring much in return. Here are a few ornamental grasses that would look wonderful in a Denver landscape design.

Feather reedgrass has delicate golden leaves that catch sunlight and add a gorgeous glow to landscapes all year long.

grass varieties
Photo via BHG

Little Bluestem is a prairie grass has gray-green leaf blades that add shades of blue in the summer and shades of purple, red, and orange in autumn.

blue grass
Photo via BHG

Vibrant green fiber optic grass, which is technically a sedge, adds a unique element to landscapes with its tiny flowers.

fiber optic grass
Photo via Proven Winners

Purple Millet is an annual grass that attracts birds with its unique shape and gorgeous deep, purple color. This tough plant is great for drought-prone areas.

ornamental grasses
Photo via BHG

Ravennagrass makes a stunning statement with its dramatic height and big, feathery plumes. It makes a wonderful focal point or can be used to hide unsightly objects.

Photo via Midwest Living

Color and texture aren’t the only benefits you can reap with ornamental grass. These low-maintenance plants can also make Colorado landscapes more interesting by adding height, movement, and even sound! Certain varieties of ornamental grasses act like wind chimes in the breeze, adding a delightfully unexpected element to landscape designs. For more on these plants, check out this article on Growing Ornament Grasses which we came across on the Garden Guides website.

For help incorporating ornamental grasses and other beautiful yet tough plants for Colorado landscapes experiencing dry conditions, call on the plant experts at Lifescape.