Elevate Your Denver Garden with a Raised Bed

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Gardening in raised garden beds provides convenience and versatility while creating a controlled environment for growing gorgeous flowers and foliage. Here are some of the benefits that can be enjoyed by incorporated raised beds into your Denver landscape.

  • In the confined space of the raised bed, it is easier to establish and control drainage, nutrients and acidity/alkalinity of soil for optimum growing conditions even in urban areas.
  • With potent soil comes the ability to plant more per square foot since plants do not have to fight for nutrients.
  • Raised beds completely eliminate erosion as it prevents rich soil from washing away in rain or blowing away in high winds.
  • The controlled space makes it easier to keep the garden bed weed-free.
  • The walls of beds provide extra protection from pests, such as slugs and snails.
  • The added height reduces the need for bending and makes tending the garden less strenuous and more enjoyable.
  • Raised beds set gardens apart from play areas and keeps plants safe from foot traffic.

If you are convinced a raised garden bed, or multiple, will enhance your Colorado landscape, here are some unique raised bed design ideas to consider.

Water troughs can be used to design durable beds that can stand up to the elements. They are the perfect length and height for a raised bed and add a rustic aesthetic to landscape designs. They are also narrow enough to turn spaces such as side yards into gorgeous gardens.

Source: RaisedBeds.com

Rough-hewn logs can provide walls for a raised bed while blending harmoniously with the natural landscape and surrounding greenery. These design option also offers versatility as the size and shape of beds can be easily customized.

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Source: RaisedBeds.com

For gardeners who want added charm and convenience, old wine barrels can be used to go beyond the decorative planter to achieve a terrace style raised bad.

Source: RaisedBeds.com

For more design ideas, see our previous post on spectacular raised beds. As you can see, raised beds and any type of garden, for that matter, can be thoughtfully designed to become works of art in nature. Let Lifescape in Denver help you finally start and maintain your own garden. Or, leave it all to us, and we’ll not only design a landscape that blends function and style, but we’ll maintain it with regular landscaping and gardening services, too. Contact us today to learn more.