Organic landscape practices yield sustainable and beautiful results.

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Organic landscape

Every aspect of your garden is connected. Healthy, organic soil nourishes more than plant roots — it also sustains healthy bioorganisms underground, which feeds other animals and helps keeps our groundwater and air clean. The Lifescape Team has always been passionate about a green and sustainable approach to landscape design and maintenance, and one of the ways that we accomplish this is by using a variety of organic techniques.

Organic landscape
Probiotics and Organic Fertilizers
The plants in your landscape benefit from certain microbes that probiotics introduce. Adding probiotics to your soil will lead to stronger, more resilient plants by fortifying and balancing the soil ecosystem. As a result, your plants will be more equipped to handle insects, disease, and weather extremes. Then, feed your plants with high-quality, organic fertilizers that consist of natural ingredients as opposed to chemical based traditional fertilizers.

Organic Soil Amendments
Organic soil amendments are eco-friendly, safe for your family and your pets, and they provide long-lasting benefits. They help loose soil particulates bind together, creating a more stable base for plants and flowers, and increase moisture retention, helping conserve precious water resources. Organic soil amendments come in three basic forms: manure, compost and peat.

Natural Weed and Pest Control
We strive to be proactive about weeds. Laying the right ground cover, like mulch, will prevent weeds from taking root and minimize the need for herbicides. There are a variety of natural solutions for pests as well. For example, you can introduce ladybugs, praying mantises and nematodes, which are all natural predators of common garden pests.

Contact the sustainability experts at Lifescape Colorado to learn more about the positive impact that organic fertilizers, probiotics, healthy watering practices and other organic techniques will have on your landscape.