Why Perennials?

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why perennials
Perennial gardens can add color, curb appeal and sustainability.

Perennials gardens are well-suited for Colorado landscapes for several reasons. They survive for more than two years, can tolerate plenty of sun, and rejuvenate the landscape. Because of their ability to survive our harsh Colorado winters, a thoughtfully designed and properly installed perennial garden will provide colorful blooms year after year, and can be an investment in beauty that gets better with age.

why perennials
Native, water-wise and beautiful.
We love using perennials that are native to our climate for their drought tolerance and natural beauty. In a modern Colorado garden, you’ll often find grasses, perennials, and wildflowers that are native to the Rocky Mountains mixed in beautiful, textural combinations. Just because water-wise plants survive on less water than many traditional varieties doesn’t mean they aren’t also beautiful. When properly chosen, water-wise perennials improve the sustainability of any garden while producing rewarding color and curb appeal.

Perennials for sunny spaces.
The Denver area offers skies that are often clear and bright and provide full sun for much of the day if you don’t have tree cover or other shady areas. Some sun loving options for a successful perennial garden include Little Trudy Catmint, Sunset Hyssop and Pineleaf Penstemon. Rudbeckia provides colorful blooms throughout the summer and into the fall and Munstead Lavender is beautiful in areas with well-drained soil.

Shade-loving options.
If your landscape has slopes, structures or trees that create shady areas, several shade-loving perennials that do well include Old-Fashioned Bleeding Heart for late spring and early summer flowers, Lungwort, featuring blossoms and white-spotted foliage, and Ajugas with dark purple or variegated foliage and gorgeous blue flowers. Hosta, anemone and lamium will also add beauty and texture to a shady perennial garden.

Whether your concerns include drought, direct sun or tree covered shady slopes, the experts at Lifescape can design a beautiful and lasting perennial garden for you. Contact us today to learn more about perennial gardens and how to get the most from your landscape investment.