Keep your Colorado Landscape rich and colorful with perennial gardens

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A carefully designed and properly installed perennial garden will provide colorful blooms year after year and can be an investment in beauty that gets better with age. Properly chosen perennial plantings can survive our harsh Colorado winters, are water-wise and bloom throughout the growing season in a multitude of colors and styles.

Top shade-loving perennials

Given the geography that we have here in Colorado, your landscape may have slopes and trees that create a lot of shade for your landscape. Perennials are a smart choice for areas of your landscape that receive limited sunlight. While not all perennials thrive in our climate, there are several shade-loving perennials that will do well in your Colorado landscape.

Old-Fashioned Bleeding Heart will add a pop of color during the late spring and early summer with its pink or white heart-shaped flowers. Lungwort offers fun and unusual blooms that create a point of interest in your landscape and are distinct with their white-spotted foliage. Ajugas are known for being some of the best perennials for shade with dark purple or variegated foliage and gorgeous blue flowers during the spring season. Hosta, anemone and lamium will also add beauty and texture to a shady perennial garden.

Perennials for a sun-drenched landscape

The Colorado skies are often clear and bright and can wash your landscape with full sun for much of the day if you don’t have tree cover or other shady areas. It is just as important to choose the right combination of plantings for full sun as it is for shade.

For example, combining Little Trudy Catmint, Sunset Hyssop and Pineleaf Penstemon make for a beautiful and interesting effect. Munstead Lavender is beautiful in areas with well-drained soil and Rudbeckia will provide colorful blooms throughout the summer and into the fall.

Whether you property falls in shade, direct sun or, like most landscapes, a mixture of both, the experts at Lifescape can design a beautiful and lasting garden for you. Contact us at Lifescape Colorado to learn more about perennial gardens and how to get the most from your landscape investment.