Water-Conscious Tips for Your Colorado Landscape

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Nothing is more heartbreaking than investing bundles of your precious time and money into a landscape only to see it wilt and dry up right before your eyes. But, with just a little bit of information and smart management, you’ll enjoy a lush and vibrant landscape for years to come. Here’s what you need to know about watering to keep your plants looking their best.

efficient sprinkler system
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Tips for Watering Efficiently

  • Don’t water blind. To check soil moisture, insert a screwdriver 6 inches into the ground. Then, you’ll know how much or little water to add to the soil.
  • It’s best to water between 10pm and 6am. Try to avoid watering during the hottest part of the day or when it’s particularly windy. Also, be conscious of where your sprinklers are aimed — avoid sidewalks, the driveway, and windows.
  • Skip watering after it rains. Luckily, you can lay down your hose after a day with a 1/2 inch of rain or more. Also, if it’s cool and cloudy out, plants tend to use less water. So, don’t overwater if you don’t have to!
  • Check for footprints. If you can see shoe tracks criss-crossing your lawn or large areas tinted a bluish-gray color, it’s time to water!
  • Monitor your sprinkler system. Check your timers to adjust for shady and sunny areas accordingly. Shady areas require less water than hot areas, and you’ll also want to water less during the cooler months.
  • If you’re using a hose, don’t stand in one place. Set a timer on your phone to help remind you to move or turn off the hose. Gauge how much water your hose puts out by placing a shallow container on the ground and timing how long it takes to fill.

    efficient sprinkler system
    Source: Shutterstock

Remember, if you’re establishing a brand new landscape, your vegetation will need a little extra babying. We recommend mulching to conserve as much moisture as possible. With these tips, you’ll be watering like a pro in no time!

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