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Growing edible fruits and vegetables in your garden is one of the most rewarding aspects of planting on your landscape. Today’s gardens don’t solely focus on aesthetics — they can be both beautiful and productive. A modern blended garden has fruits, vegetables, and herbs mixed in with ornamental species. Below, we’ll share some tips to help you create an edible garden you can be proud of:

  • Don’t be afraid to let your edibles take some of the spotlight, too! Fruit trees provide excellent shade and can be placed along the curb strip. Combining the looks of ornamental and edible plants can create a visually stunning garden.
  • Beauty and bounty — that’s the ultimate goal for a well-planned blended garden. Fruit trees such as apple, pear, and fig look amazing when espaliered (made to grow flat across a wall or trellis). You can even have multiple varieties of fruit on a single espaliered plant. With this type of growth, you receive screening, visual appeal, and fresh fruit!
  • Seek out interesting colors and forms. Vegetables, fruits, and herbs are available in such a wide variety of appearances. Luckily, with beautiful forms, colors, and textures, you can easily add character and interest to your garden. Try laying row crops out at an angle to create a unique, playful look.
  • Edible plants also have ornamental qualities. For example, artichokes are majestic and beautiful when integrated into a planting scheme. They provide texture, color, and structural interest. Not to mention, they taste delicious fresh from the garden. If you leave them to develop, they’ll generate large, dramatic purple-blue blooms.
  • Convenient and practical, containers make growing edible plants a breeze! We love how they can become an attractive focal element in your garden. Keep in mind that proper drainage is paramount, since your edibles won’t thrive with wet roots. Typically, you should opt for larger containers and pots, because edibles have extensive root systems. 16- to 20-inch pots are ideal, and you’ll want to find specifically formulated container soil.

    Source: Pixabay
    Source: Pixabay

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