Landscape Illumination: Modern Light Designs for Gardens

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Much of the information about landscape lighting involves twinkly lights, lanterns, and other fixtures that are decidedly traditional in appearance. Where does this leave the modernist? If fairy lights aren’t your thing, we have plenty of ideas to design landscape illumination for modern gardens with nary a twinkle in sight.

Ideas for Designing Landscape Illumination for Modern Gardens

One of the most noticeable features of modern landscape lighting is that the lights are more integrated with the landscape rather than standing out as individual fixtures. You’ll observe plants that seem to glow from within, seemingly source-less ambient lighting and perhaps even sculptures, containers, or other accent features that include lights as an intrinsic part of their design.

Lighting for Safety. Your first consideration, especially for the dark, snowy and icy months is to illuminate your property for safety. Use sleek built-in lighting for walkways and stairs and provide overhead lighting at entrances and porches to help them stand out. Consider using recessed lights in your awnings or overhangs, rather than traditional wall-mounted fixtures. To accommodate for the snow, you’ll also want to include sleek light posts that will shine above the snow to outline driveway(s) and walkways.

Features that Glow. The advent of LED and/or solar lighting has created a wealth of landscape sculptures and artwork that have built-in luminaries. Look for landscape features that are designed to glow, like these garden pots. Their spherical shape and radiant glow are striking once the sun sets and add a decidedly modern and eclectic feel.

Focus on downlighting and uplighting. Perhaps one of the best ways to minimize fixtures and optimize your lighting effect is to use a combination of down- and uplights. Downlights can be used for safety but also add a little cone of light to warm up darker pockets or corners of your landscape. Thoughtfully placed uplights or spotlights make it look as if your trees, shrubs, and other landscape features have a glow of their own.

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