Top Benefits of Growing Shrubs in Your Garden

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Shrubs are an instrumental part of every garden’s ecosystem. They provide shade, improve soil stability, enhance air quality and create habitats for all types of wildlife. Of course, shrubs and small trees are also beautiful to look at, especially when you choose varieties that add seasonal interest to your landscape.

Top Benefits of Growing Shrubs in Your Colorado Garden Design

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Source: Better Homes and Gardens

Lower your energy bills. Planting shrubs in the right location can lower your energy bills in both the summer and winter months. In order to benefit year-round, you’ll need to plant deciduous shrub or trees that do well in our climate, such as Purpleleaf Japanese Barberry (Berberis thunbergii atropurpurea), Kelsey Dogwood (Cornus sericea ‘Kelseyi’) or Goldflame (Spiraea x bumalda), all of which add interest with colorful branches, leaves, seasonal blooms and fruit.

You can plant them in front of your eastern and western-exposed windows to provide shade and reduce your dependency on cooling systems. In the winter, deciduous shrubs will shed their leaves and your home will benefit from passive solar heat gain.

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Create wildlife habitats. We frequently share tips for establishing bee, butterfly and bird-friendly landscapes. Most of the time we’re usually talking about the food, pollen and nectar from these plants. However, shrubs also provide homes. They’re great for nesting, cooling off, burrowing underneath and/or escaping from less agile predators.

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Borders and privacy. The aesthetic value of shrubs is one benefit that can protect you from an unattractive view. Use shrubs wisely and your neighbor’s junkyard will cease to exist when you’re enjoying your morning coffee on the patio. You can also use shrubs to grow a living privacy boundary and to separate one area of your yard from another.

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Increase your resale value. Landscaped properties have a greater value than their bare counterparts. Established trees and shrubs are particularly appreciated because it can take some time for them to reach a mature size. Households that have established landscapes appreciate home values 5 to 20 percent higher than those that don’t.

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