Navigating Saturated Soils

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From droughts to floods to blizzards, our beautiful state must navigate extreme weather conditions. Among the other things this entails, it means gardeners and landscapers have their work cut out for them. After flooding, soil will be saturated and specific measures should be taken in order to keep plants healthy.

Drying Out

It may sound obvious, but hold off on all irrigation until soil is no longer saturated. Some of your plants may appear drooping as if thirsty or show other signs similar to drought-stress. These symptoms, however, are a result of plants being waterlogged after heavy moisture.

Saucers of outdoor container plants should be emptied, and saucers should be set aside so that water can be allowed to drain out the bottom of pots. If heavy rain is in the forecast again, do not replace the saucers.

When soil finally seems to be drying out, it’s still important to keep a close eye on the weather. Closely monitoring rain patterns will be necessary to irrigation schedules.

Replacing Nutrients 

Heavy rains wash nutrients out of soil. This often means your plants will need an extra application of nutrients after the rains have stopped.

Watching for Plant Diseases

Heavy moisture provides an ideal environment for fungus and other plant diseases. Black spots on tomatoes, for example, may indicate blossom end rot. Also, be aware of powdery mildew, which is likely to show up on particular plants prone to this condition.


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When nature unleashes a torrent upon an area, it is a good time to assess which landscaping areas held up well under the wrath and which did not. Note remaining areas of standing water in the yard. These areas may indicate a need for either improving the slope or improving the drainage ability of the soil.

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