Fall for Your Colorado Landscape

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denver botanic gardens
Source: Amy Aletheia Cahill via Flickr

Temperatures may be starting to drop in Colorado and leaves may be turning, but this does not mean the gardening and growing season is over. For many plants, fall is the ideal time for planting.

Why is fall a great time to plant? By planting particular perennials and native shrubs now, you are giving them a leg up for spring. When the soil is still warm, they will have time to establish a good root system, and you will see the benefits when spring arrives. For several types of plants, fall planting gives them a solid head start for spring. Many will need to be mulched before the deep winter freeze hits, both to keep moisture in and to keep the soil warmer. However, the rewards of this are a lush landscape when warmth returns.

Plants that can be planted in fall include coneflower, aster, golden current and the aspen tree. Several types of bulbs should also be put in the ground in autumn to present beautiful blooms the following spring. These include the colorful dwarf iris, gaillardia and galanthus.

fall gardening
Source: Mike Sutton via Flickr

Many types of vegetables can also be planted when the weather has cooled. While it is not a good time to try tomatoes, leafy greens such as spinach and kale are excellent cool season crops. Snap peas, radishes and some cabbage varieties do very well, also.

Not all plants get a better start if planted in the fall, of course. Evergreens, for example, prefer to become established during warm weather as their foliage remains exposed through the winter. Tender young evergreens may not fare well. If you want to add these to your landscape, it is best to wait until spring.

Planting, weeding, mulching and other landscape maintenance tasks can be time-consuming and tough. But you can enjoy the autumn weather while the professionals at Lifescape Colorado take care of everything for you. Contact us to learn about our wide range of year-round landscaping and gardening services.