5 Favorite Colorado Native Perennials

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A drought-tolerant landscape does not have to be defunct of color! There are several plants native to Colorado that are perfect for xeriscaping and offer year-round visual interest with vibrant colors, engaging textures, and sculptural shapes. Here are five of our favorites that call Colorado home.

Rocky Mountain Columbine

This beautiful perennial has striking white and lavender petals surrounding a brilliant yellow center and grows up to two feet tall. As our state flower, the columbines not only celebrate the state of Colorado, but their fragrant blooms also attract hummingbirds, butterflies, and bees.

colorado native plants
Source: Better Homes & Gardens


Liatris form clusters of pink-lavender blooms atop narrow stems and grows in bunches, with each flower reaching a height from two to five feet. Requiring little water, all this hardy, low maintenance plant needs is well-drained soil. While deer typically stay away, butterflies and bees love the bright feathery spikes of Liatris.

colorado native flowers
Source: BHG

Purple Coneflower

Butterflies and bees are never far from these whimsical perennials with blooms in shades from white to pink and red to dark purple. The shape of a coneflower blossom is similar to a daisy, but the petals turn down while the dark center reaches skyward. Great for hot-summer regions, these carefree perennials handle drought beautifully and only need light watering. In full sun, purple coneflowers bloom all summer long and can reach a height of four feet!

Source: BHG


These drought-tolerant plants can thrive even in poor soil and tend to do very well in sunny rock gardens or as a groundcover. Some varieties are low growing while others grow up to two feet tall. Sedum is perfect for full sun, high heat areas that many other plants cannot handle. Its delicate flower clusters sport shades of pink, purple, white, or yellow.

colorado native plants
Source: RockWallGardens.com

Rocky Mountain Penstemon

Royal blue, red, pink, or violet tubular blossoms cluster on the penstemon’s majestic spires and offer a dazzling burst of color. With their trumpet-like shape and sweet nectar, penstemons create a playground for hummingbirds. Drought-tolerant and easy to maintain, this Colorado native is a fantastic choice for xeriscapes.

native colorado flowers
Source: Colorado State University Extension

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