Rain Harvesting Techniques that Enhance Landscapes

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The recent rain in Colorado was certainly a relief, but we still have a long way to go before we are out of the red zone. So before we get back to our rain dances, it might behoove us to explore some strategies for making a little rain go a long way.

With water conservation being a top priority here at Lifescape, we are loving the idea of decorative rain catchers, barrels and other containers and chains for collecting rainwater. And what we especially like about these is how they add aesthetic value to landscapes, as well. But these aren’t the only rain harvesting techniques that add beauty to landscapes.

This wine barrel turned rain barrel adds nice character to this home’s exterior. We especially like the climbing vines that add a naturally charming touch.

denver landscape design
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This decorative rain catcher was cleverly designed to resemble a granite fountain.

denver landscape design
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Even more discreet is this rain barrel boulder.

waterwise landscaping
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Rain chains can be installed to direct rainwater into small basins, becoming a sustainable water feature for gardens and landscapes.

rain chains
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These Mediterranean-style rain barrels double as planters and look sharp. It’s a solution that allows you to conserve water with style.

water-wise landscaping denver
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Rain gardens that are specifically designed to collect storm water or runoff from roofs are another way to create bountiful, water-wise landscapes.

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Do you currently have a system for collecting rainwater in your Colorado landscape? We’d love to hear about it. Share your story in a comment below.

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